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Group of Seniors Hiking along the High Line Trail to the Platt RiverThe Colorado Center for the Blind is committed to changing the experience of older blind and visually impaired persons from frustration to independence. With education and training seniors can obtain the skills and confidence necessary to stay in their own homes and be contributing members of society.


We offer services in several different areas.


Senior learning to use the cane with stairsOlder visually impaired individuals often have difficulty with independent living skills necessary to stay in their home. However, with training, these seniors can continue to be fully independent in their home environment. Staff of the Colorado Center for the Blind will provide instruction in the senior’s homes in the areas of:

  • Cane Travel & Mobility
  • Food Preparation
  • Marking and Labeling Techniques
  • Cleaning Techniques
  • Dialing the Telephone
  • Sewing and Crafts
  • Organizational Skills


Senior getting "hands on" Braille InstructionJoin our Tuesday and Friday classes where seniors will work together in a group setting to develop skills in the areas of Braille, cooking, cane travel, technology, sewing and crafts. Center classes offer an opportunity to both socialize and learn skills of independence. Our Seniors also often organize their own activities outside the Center.


Many seniors who begin to lose their vision find that it is helpful to discuss this with others who have experienced the same loss. An independent and confident older blind individual facilitates our support groups. Through this process visually impaired persons learn that they can continue to do many of the same things they did when fully sighted.


Senior Using an iPhone for Taking NotesLearn how blind and visually impaired people can use a computer or other technology to do online banking, access the Internet, send emails, and write letters. This class is available both at home or at the Center.

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