College Prep

As part of our Independence Training Program, the Colorado Center for the Blind offers a College Prep course to those students interested in going on to college or in returning to college after training at the Center. In addition to ITP classes, the 9-week College Prep class will provide:

  • Assessment of academic and tech readiness
  • Practice with multiple note taking strategies
  • Proficiency in finding and using multiple alternate formats 
  • Understanding of civil rights laws in Higher Ed and your responsibilities
  • Understanding the value and limitations of the Disability Services office on campus
  • Understanding the VR process, your rights and responsibilities
  • Coaching in writing and public speaking skills
  • Effective strategies for dealing with math & science
  • Proficiency with otherwise “visual” applications and formats, such as Power Point & PDF
  • Experience with online course work taking a free, noncredit course using assistive technology
  • Independent travel and college

Photos of our College Prep Program in Action!

Once a student has achieved a level of proficiency in core classes, he or she may add this 9-week College Prep class. College Prep will include tours of 2- and 4-year campuses in the Denver Metro area and an opportunity to speak with Disability Services staff about reasonable accommodations. In addition, students will receive follow-up support after the course as they make preparations to attend college.

Video – Access & Tactile Literacy: A Day in CCB’s College Prep Class

Developing tactile literacy with graphical representations of concepts and information using our Structured Discovery method.

The College Prep course is taught by Dan Burke, who has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and nearly 20 years’ experience at the University of Montana’s Disability Services for Students. His responsibilities included everything from identifying reasonable accommodations for students to coordinating assistive technology and accessible textbooks.