Woodshop & Home Maintenance

Our woodshop is fully equipped with hand tools and power tools that each student will learn to use safely and with confidence, including a table saw, chop saw, drill press, lathe, planer and more. The only adaptation we use is the click rule for precise measurements.

Students will also learn and grow confident in basic household tasks such as minor repairs, fixing a leaky faucet, hanging a picture, or assembling a bookshelf.

Before graduation students complete a woodshop project of their own choosing. Projects range from cutting boards to music boxes and small tables, but the real product is a sense of confidence and accomplishment!

ITP Woodshop Video

See more video examples of our students in the Woodshop:

Marlene’s 1st Cut on the Chop Saw Video

Marlene became blind after a high-achieving career as a surgical nurse and administrator. Even so, she had never used traditional power tools. She brought her methodical exactitude with her into the wood shop. Here’s her first cut with a power saw – a compound miter, or chop saw.

Vicki’s Shop Project: Bella’s New House

When Vicki came from Oklahoma for training, she left her little dog Bella with family members. Of course she missed her little pal, and so for her wood shop project she made a dog house for Bella. Ultimately, she decided to stay in Colorado after graduating, so Bella’s new dog house went back to OK with her mom, sister and brother-in-law. Before it left, she showed it off to everyone …

Julie and Serena sand an oak table top

I Actually Built Something Inside Me: Shirley’s Savory Spice Rack

Woodshop/Home Maintenance is a required class at the Colorado Center for the Blind. Shirley is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor who took 6 months out of her professional life to focus on her blindness skills. Here she tells us what she gained from her shop project in addition to her lovely spice rack.

A Visit from Alum Cathy Kudlick Leads to the Wood Shop

When Cathy Kudlick was a student CCB’s wood shop was yet to be set up in our Littleton location. So, on her recent visit she was excited to spend the afternoon with instructor David Nietfeld and to make her first cut on a power saw.

Swolly-ness is Holiness: Ryan’s Pull Up Station

Ryan’s final wood shp project was to build a pull-up station for our gym.