FAQ for Prospective Students

Where will I live while attending the Colorado Center for the Blind?

The Center owns a 24-unit apartment complex about two miles west of our Shepperd Avenue location, accessible via a short bus ride in either direction. Known as McGeorge Mountain Terrace, these apartments were first occupied by Center students in March of 2012. The grounds feature picnic tables and a grilling area, and are located near a workout center, walk/run paths, the Enchanted Grounds Coffee Shop and Game Emporium, and other amenities. An RTD bus route stops right in front of the McGeorge Mountain Terrace, and another can be caught just a block south, so there is ready access to shopping, light rail and recreation opportunities across the Denver Metro area seven days a week. Both routes also go directly to the Littleton Downtown Station, which is a short walk to the Colorado Center for the Blind. These are the buses students take to and from the center every day.

What are the apartments like?

The apartments are 2-bedroom, 1 and-a-half baths, so each student has his or her own bedroom, and shares the other amenities. The apartments are completely furnished including a washer/dryer, phone with local and long distance service, Internet with wireless access in each apartment.

Apartment Bedroom and Hallway

The buildings are two-story, with outdoor entrances to all apartments. There are outdoor stairways to the second floor apartments. Outside, each apartment has a small patio or deck area with chairs and a table, as well as a locked outdoor storage closet.

A group of students returns to the apartments after a shopping trip

The apartment kitchens are supplied with basic cooking equipment including dishes, glasses, utensils, coffee maker, toaster, and built in microwave oven. The apartments have bed linens and bath towels. Other basic supplies include hangers, mop and broom, and a vacuum cleaner.

Students cooking in an apartment kitchen

Where should I have packages and mail sent?

There is no postal delivery at the McGeorge Mountain Terrace Apartments. Students should have personal mail sent to them in care of the Colorado Center for the Blind, 2233 W. Shepperd Ave., Littleton, CO 80120. Package delivery of every kind should be made at the center as well during the work week, including UPS, Amazon and Fed-Ex, because there is no secure place to have packages left at the apartments. If you will have medications sent to you by mail, plan for delivery between Monday and Friday, as there is no mail delivery or access to mail at the Center on weekends.

What kind of clothing will I need?

Colorado can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. So you will need clothing for all types of weather including winter cold and summer heat, wind, rain and snow.

Comfortable, durable and sometimes water-resistant footwear is a must because you will travel every day and in all kinds of weather – and of course, there are lots of outdoor challenge recreation activities.

Keeping in mind that the Colorado Center for the Blind expects students to dress modestly and appropriately for a school and work setting, here’s a recommended list of clothing to bring:

  • rain jacket, umbrella, winter coat, snow boots, warm gloves, hat and other warm clothing for being outdoors in cold and snow
  • light, comfortable clothes for warm weather
  • everyday clothing such as pants, shorts, shirts, swimsuit, undergarments
  • sneakers and/or comfortable walking shoes and socks
  • cap or sun hat and warmer head gear for cold weather
  • business casual and formal attire for special events that require them, including skirts, dresses, dress shirts, slacks, suit and ties.

What other things should I bring?

Of course, there’s only so much that anyone can pack, but there are a few things that most of us can’t do without for any length of time. Here’s a list of ideas:

  • personal items, such as toiletries, hair dryer, etc
  • backpack, lunch box or other bag for carrying school supplies and lunch back and forth
  • cell phone
  • alarm clock
  • laptop or tablet
  • note taker
  • radio

How will I get groceries when I arrive?

Students go grocery shopping shortly after arrival, usually the same day. So you may want to have a grocery shopping list ready before you come. Keep in mind that students bring their lunch to the Center each day except for graduations so you will want to buy lunch foods and zip lock baggies or a similar item to carry it in. Here are some other items you might want to put on your first shopping list, unless you have room to pack them:

  • personal toiletries, such as soap and shampoo
  • sunscreen
  • cleaning supplies
  • laundry soap
  • dish soap


The Center and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Apartment Living Room with Fireplace