Home Management

A fun, all encompassing course where students cook simple to gourmet meals, barbecue with charcoal and gas grills, plan dinner parties and personal budgets, learn to shop at a variety of retailers, sew, garden, and plan outings to various venues.   Coursework will culminate in the students preparation of a graduation meal for 50 or more individuals!

Meal for a Dozen
A student proudly displays a dozen plates beautifully arranged for an upcoming meal.
Taking a Peach Cobbler out of the Oven
A student uses a pot holder and oven mitt to take a large hot pan with Peach Cobbler out of the oven.
Making Chicken Soup
A student cheerfully adds noodles to a boiling pot of home made chicken soup.
Slicing Vegetables
A student skillfully slices yellow squash on a cutting board.