• 2023 Summer Youth Programs

    2023 Summer Youth Programs

    Confidence Camp/BELL Academy

    June 12 through June 23
    5 to 10
    Colorado Center for the Blind
    2233 W Shepperd Ave.
    Littleton, CO 80120
    Ty and Seamus standing with their canes waiting on the train

    Program Description

    This two-week day program will be filled with learning, challenge and fun. Your child will meet competent blind role models who will work with the kids on cooking, cleaning, Braille, independent travel and technology. The kids will learn how to take the bus and use the light rail. They’ll have fun swimming, rock climbing, making a tactile art piece and going on exciting field trips.

    Learn more and apply now for the 2023 Confidence Camp/Bell Academy!

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  • In Memoriam Scott LaBarre: A Statement on his Passing

    In Memoriam Scott LaBarre: A Statement on his Passing

    Scott LaBarre at the podium

    The following message is from the National Federation of the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado, and the Colorado Center for the Blind.

    It has been a difficult year of loss for the circle of friendship we share in our movement. We regretfully share the devastating loss of Scott LaBarre, who passed away surrounded by his family on Saturday, December 10. Most recently serving as our national general council, Scott has been a longtime Federationist, a fierce leader in our movement, and a great friend to so many of us. The outpouring of love from the Federation family was deeply felt by Scott, but his challenging medical condition could not be overcome.… Read the rest “In Memoriam Scott LaBarre: A Statement on his Passing”


  • We Believe In Our Students’ Dreams

    We Believe In Our Students’ Dreams

     Support Us Today

    Community First Foundation Colorado Gives Day December 6, 2022 Logo

    You can’t pursue your dreams without first believing you can. With your support on Colorado Gives Day today, we’ll continue to work to confront the problem of low expectations for blind people in education, employment, and virtually every aspect of our lives. We teach our blind students skills, imbue them with self-confidence, and nurture resilience, even after graduation. In other words, our students learn they can believe In their dreams!

    And that Is all any of us could ask for!

    A view down the table of blind youth getting hands on experience making simple circuits

    Please support us today, Colorado Gives Day!

    Every donation you make today on our Colorado Gives page counts toward our percentage of the $1.4 Million Incentive Fund, helping your donation go even farther to support programs that lead to independence for blind people!… Read the rest “We Believe In Our Students’ Dreams”


  • This Is Positive Blindness Training at Work!

    This Is Positive Blindness Training at Work!

    As we come to you for support for Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6, we want to share with you some of our excitement and pride in the growth and accomplishments of our students this past year. Blindness finds us in different ways and at different times of our lives. But what all of our students strive for is independence. That’s true whether it is a young person going out on their own for the first time or someone who has already established their lives, jobs, even families and now must learn blindness skills and come to believe in themselves as blind people.… Read the rest “This Is Positive Blindness Training at Work!”


  • We’re thankful for each other.

    We’re thankful for each other.

    And we are thankful for your support on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, Dec. 6!

    Maureen, David, and Logan Looking at Artwork at at Shared Visions ACC-CCB Tactile Art Show 11-2022

    The Colorado Center for the Blind is a training center and community of blind and low vision people proudly affiliated with the National Federation of the Blind. We believe blind people can do anything. Every day, we encourage and challenge each student—and they come to understand their potential as they build the skills and confidence to live the life they want. Because when you believe in yourself and experience a thriving community of positive blind people, nothing can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

    And that’s just what Maureen refers to in this Face Book post she made early Thanksgiving morning:

    I’m so grateful that in the winter of 2009, I decided to take a chance.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022!

    Three of our volunteer student servers for this year’s Thanksgiving feast, left to right, Rhonda, Shirley, and Aaron with hotel pans of cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole set out in front of them on the table
    Three of our volunteer student servers yesterday. From left to Right, Rhonda, Shirley, and Aaron serve up the cranberry sauces, the sweet potato dishes, and the green bean casserole, respectively. This is the end of the line (except for the dessert table), so by this time there’s precious little real estate on our plates!

    It is our tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving as a Colorado Center for the Blind family on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, and so we did yesterday. Students started preparing the meal in October baking and freezing yeast rolls, and finished up all the cooking part on Wednesday.… Read the rest “Happy Thanksgiving 2022!”


  • Colorado Gives Day is 4 Weeks Away!

    Colorado Gives Day is 4 Weeks Away!

    A man on skis wearing a "Blind Skier" vest moves down a snowy slope at the direction of a guide behind him
    Vaughn Skiing at Eldora with his Ignite ski guide

    It’s Colorado’s biggest online giving event of each year, and just about our biggest fund-raising event too! It’s on the news, in your email box – just about everywhere.

    But just so you don’t forget, you can go online at https://www.coloradogives.org/donate/CoCenter and schedule a donation to roll over on December 6. That’s the day your gift will count toward our percentage of the $1 Million Incentive Fund for Colorado Gives Day!

    And how does your donation help our students? It helps with things like our ground-breaking tactile art program and challenge recreation activities like rock climbing and skiing.… Read the rest “Colorado Gives Day is 4 Weeks Away!”


  • Celebrating founder Diane McGeorge’s 90th birthday!

    Celebrating founder Diane McGeorge’s 90th birthday!

    Diane told the crowd that she’s decided 90 isn’t enough, and she plans to make 100 years.

    Okay, we’ll start planning that party now!

    Yes, it’s the 90th birthday of our founder, Diane McGeorge.

    “Don’t ever give up!” That was the advice Diane gave to students and everyone else at a celebration of her 90th birthday yesterday at the Colorado Center for the Blind. And Diane never has.

    A young blind mother married to a blind man in the early 1950s, she was busy with parenting, PTA, Cub Scouts, and helping out otherwise at her children’s school in Denver while continuing to work as a medical transcriptionist.

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  • DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    Four women stand together, smiling at the camera as the woman with a white cane displays the flag
    Julie Deden shows us the Tactile Flag presented to CCB by the Mt. Rosa Chapter of the DAR. Shown with her, from left to right, are DAR members Marsha, Sally, Julie, and Kathryn.

    We were excited to welcome three members of the Mount Rosa Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on Tuesday, September 13, who presented us with a tactile American flag. They accurately surmised that we might not have an actual flag that blind people could touch and make sense out of. Now we have one!”

    Of course, we have the Stars and Stripes in our meeting room, but flags are made nowadays in such a way that you can’t feel any difference between the red and white stripes or the field of blue, let alone the 50 white stars there.

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  • Blindness adds Another layer to Privilege Walk

    Blindness adds Another layer to Privilege Walk

    Jamila leading a Privilege Walk Activity in the Gym

    A while back, the Philosophy class met in the gym and student Jamila Lane led us through a “Privilege Walk.”

    Jamila, from Atlanta, previously participated in Privilege Walks in both her undergraduate and graduate studies, but it was her first time leading one.

    “Disability added a very interesting layer to it,” she said, “because everyone in this group is blind.”

    Meaning that for questions that involved disability, almost everyone had to stand still or step back, and more than once as a result, leaving most of the staff and students clustered around the center line by the end.

    “Usually, the separation is more distinct,” said Jamila, referring to the fact that the division is typically based on race and gender, with white men being overall more likely to benefit from steps ahead.

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