Month: January 2016

  • CCB & ACC Partner to Bring Acclaimed New Orleans Musician Henry Butler to Littleton

    Henry Butler

    Henry Butler performance

    Date and Time: Thursday, 02/18/2016 – 6:30pm – 9:00pm
    Location: Littleton Campus – Waring Theatre (M2900)

    Arapahoe Community College and the Colorado Center for the Blind will welcome acclaimed musician Henry Butler to the ACC Littleton campus on Thursday, Feb. 18, from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. in the Waring Theatre.

    Henry ButlerThe evening will begin with a “meet the artist” session from 6:30 – 7:10 p.m., followed by Butler’s performance from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Butler will tour the Colorado Center for the Blind earlier in the day.

    Considered the premier exponent of the great New Orleans jazz and blues piano tradition, Butler is a ten-time Pinetop Perkins (formerly W.… Read the rest “CCB & ACC Partner to Bring Acclaimed New Orleans Musician Henry Butler to Littleton”


  • “I built something inside myself”

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    Editor’s Note: Shirley graduated in August of 2014, and made this video before she left. While she was here, she obviously made a trip or two to Savory Spice on W. Main in Littleton.



  • Gwendolyn Goes on to Her Next Adventure

    a woman prepares a salad.

    Gwendolyn finished at the Center in December and returned to Arizona. With her she took new skills and confidence and a plan to investigate the Business Enterprise Program.

    We all know what a wonderful cook she is – Braille, travel and tech were her training goals while she was with us. We wish her luck in her new ventures and … please let us know when “Gwendolyn’s Place” becomes a reality!


  • Farewell to Lian

    A woman presents a certificate to another woman, standing beside a podium.

    We said farewell to Lian, who returned to Beijing in December. One of her last accomplishments was in the public speaking class when she told us of the child born in Shanghai with disabilities who was so curious that she often took things apart to find out about them.

    That certainly rings true. Lian’s indomitable spirit carried her through the challenges of the Center’s training. She was only able to be with us for three months, but she was excited to return to China with new things to share.


  • Salem: The Confidence to Succeed

    Young woman in sleepshades pours a sauce into a hotel pan

    Salem worked for two years to be able to come for training at the Center. She loves Braille, and more than once praised her Mom for insisting that her daughter be taught Braille when she became blind in middle school. After high school and a stint in college however, Salem began to realize that she needed some other things as well if she were going to be able to live the life she wanted for herself.

    So it was her bustling determination that propelled her through her program and over and around and through the many challenges she faced in her time in Colorado.… Read the rest “Salem: The Confidence to Succeed”


  • Jerad Goes Paleo, Goes to College

    It was “paleo man’s” turn on December 3. That refers to his diet and his grad meal, for the record.

    “was that a great meal?” exclaimed Kimberley, who presented Jerad with his Freedom Bell.

    “I want to thank you for kicking my behind every day of my program,” Jerad told his instructors.

    For their part, his teachers neither confirmed nor denied how necessary that was, praising him instead for his skills and accomplishments.

    It was all true. Though he came from Tennessee just out of high school, jerad could always be counted on to lend an assist to any of his fellow students who needed it.… Read the rest “Jerad Goes Paleo, Goes to College”


  • The Gentleman from Missouri

    Curtis was the perfect gentleman as always during the love session at his graduation. He simply said “Thank you” with a grin, and continued to soak up all the praise and affection heaped on him by his fellow students and instructors.

    The praise is easy to understand. He cooked a great meal – feeding the masses is one of his special skills. More than that, he is always ready to pitch in and help his fellow students or with any activity around the Center.

    Curtis started the program in 2013, but had to leave because of a family emergency back in Missouri.… Read the rest “The Gentleman from Missouri”


  • Ahimsa’s Celebration

    student showing lettering "Life the life you want!"

    It was definitely a day to celebrate when Ahimsa graduated on November 12, 2015, and she was more than ready! She came away from her training with a positive sense of herself as a blind person and the satisfaction of knowing that she pushed herself through many barriers to reach this day. Her extraordinary laugh throughout gave testimony to that!

    Already an accomplished baker, she was always comfortable in the kitchen. As she prepared her graduation meal for 60, she hummed and sang along with her favorite show tunes, knowing that she was now also an accomplished traveler as a blind person, able to read Braille and effectively use assistive technology.… Read the rest “Ahimsa’s Celebration”


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