Month: November 2021

  • ‘I am not my blindness’: What the blind community wishes you knew – from USA TODAY

    Erin talks to a group during Enrichment

    This article appeared in USA Today yesterday, November 17. It features our graduate Erin Daley, of whom we are naturally quite proud. In the article, Erin mentions that she loves to travel and will be visiting the Baltic countries. Well, she’s on her way right now! If you’re a sighted person, you likely have misconceptions…


  • Challenging the Rock with Denver Climbing Co. #ChallengeRec

    Gene seen from above as he nears the top. Clear Creek visible far below.

    Late this spring we determined to bring challenge recreation back for our students. We set it aside for over a year for reasons of social distancing, etc. First, We arranged to go whitewater rafting in Idaho Springs, where we’d gone for almost ten years, and it was great to be back on Clear Creek with…


  • It’s Colorado Giving Season – Schedule a Donation for Dec. 7!

    a senior woman navigates the hallway among other students with her instructor following

    Nothing tempers the desire of our students to find the tools and the belief in themselves that will sustain them in their quest to live lives of independence and success! And so, still cautious, still wearing masks indoors all day, the Colorado Center for the Blind carries on with the training and the programs that…


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