Month: August 2013

  • Our 25th Anniversary

    A Celebration to Remember!

    The Colorado Center for the Blind first opened its doors in January of 1988 with three staff members and five students. On September 13 & 14, 2013, the Center held its 25th Anniversary Celebration with an open house and a gala banquet.

    Friday, September 13

    The rain stopped and the sky cleared for a few hours on Friday, September 13, 2013. It lasted just long enough for the opening ceremony of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, along with tours of the Center, and rides in the National Federation of the Blind’s Blind Driver Challenge car. Guests also enjoyed bratwursts grilled by current Center students.

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  • Center Hosts Braille Carnival

    Louis Braille made a surprise visit to the Colorado Center for the Blind on June 18 — extremely surprising, given that he’s been dead for 161 years.

    “I’m having a great time,” said “Braille” — portrayed by center instructor Tom Anderson — while watching kids practice writing during the center’s Braille Carnival. “It’s great meeting the young children, and the adults and seniors, too.”

    The event hosted 120 blind people of all ages to experience a variety of tactile and interactive learning stations. They gathered in the wood shop to learn the basics of braille using large “dots.”… Read the rest “Center Hosts Braille Carnival”


  • Blind Chemistry Students Learn to Work Independently in Denver Lab

    In the chemistry lab at Metro State University in Denver recently, Quinita Thomas expertly traces her fingers around the top of a glass beaker. She gingerly touches the sleek sides of an electronic probe. Then she feels the hard edges a metal test-tube holder. The 17-year-old can hardly contain her excitement.

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