Month: March 2020

  • Be Counted: An Update in Light of COVID-19 #DoingMyPart

    Be Counted: An Update in Light of COVID-19 #DoingMyPart

    Cranmer Abacus - A specially designed abacus that keeps beads in position once they have been set

    (Editor’s Note: We will soon post a video demonstrating How blind folks can complete the 2020 Census, featuring our own Martin Becerra-Miranda and Dan Burke. It’s great YouTube viewing, but we don’t have a trailer. In the meantime then, we’re posting some of that information here to complement the video.)

    So, let’s talk about the 2020 Census. We first posted about this on March 11, the week that Census notices started going out to every residence. We’re working with our friends and colleagues at the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) to ensure that all Coloradans with disabilities respond to the 2020 Census.… Read the rest “Be Counted: An Update in Light of COVID-19 #DoingMyPart”


  • Kicking Off “40 Hands in Forty Days”

    Kicking Off “40  Hands in Forty Days”

    We’re extremely excited to be one of 40 Colorado nonprofits to be part of the 2020 40 Hands in Forty Days effort this spring!

    From March 2 through April 10 (40 days), 40 nonprofits will take part in a unique fundraising effort. We may throw any number of fun ideas out to get people to donate to our exceptional blindness training programs. You can not only donate, but pass our posts on to friends and families that you want to know about us.

    For example, if we receive $500 in donations by midnight tonight, we’ll get an incentive of another $250!… Read the rest “Kicking Off “40 Hands in Forty Days””