Month: May 2023

  • CCB Featured in America’s Test Kitchen Podcast @Jason_Strother @TestKitchen @pang

    Jason Strother gives a talk during a CCB philosophy class

    In June, 2022 we hosted journalist Jason Strother for a week of training at the Center. Jason, who has worked for years as a free-lance reporter and was headquartered for a time in Seoul, South Korea, was researching a story about how blind people obtain food. Groceries, that is. His interest in this subject is…


  • Older Blind Show There’s More Than One Way to Get the Ball Down the Lane

    Cane tucked under his right arm, Andrew leans forward after his left-handed release. The ball speeds down the lane toward 3 standing pins.

    Earlier in May a group of our older blind folks went off to Moe’s Original Bar-B-Que & Bowling on South Broadway for a morning of active fun. These photos attest to the truth that there’s more than one way to get the ball down the lane!      


  • Mother’s Day Breakfast at CCB

    Six men face the camera across the kitchen island , some holding spatulas and one giving a double thumbs-up

    The guys arrived very early so the breakfast would be ready to serve right after announcements. In all more than 20 female students enjoyed the meal. Left to right, the cooks are Noah, Ernest, Florentino, Shane, Dave, and Mason. Julie Deden holds her mock mimosa in a fluted glass.


  • May the Fourth Be with You!

    Jedi Master Acheson

    Tech Instructor Charlie Acheson shown in front of the CCB logo in his Jedi tunic, robe and wielding his blue light saber Yes Star Wars fans, it’s May the Fourth Be with You today. And in honor of this day, Jedi Tech Instructor Charlie Acheson came in his Jedi robe and with his light saber.…


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