Month: December 2016

  • A Holiday Gift from the 2016 CCB Choir

    This year our CCB Choir formed itself in about a week under the direction of student Julie McGinnity, then went caroling at the Littleton Light Rail Station, outside Romancing the Bean Coffee shop. The next day they gave a performance at the Seniors’ Holiday Party. Mostly students, but with a couple of staff voices as well, they did a lovely job, On their behalf, and indeed from all the students and staff at CCB – here’s a holiday gift!


  • #BreakingBlind: How a Blind Person Makes Fudge, @WEFitwellness @MBassmaster

    What could be more fitting on the shortest day of the year than a video about making fudge? Here’s Maureen with another Breaking Blind video with a holiday theme!


  • #Breaking Blind: How a Blind Person Makes Sugar Scrub, @WEFitwellness @MBassmaster

    Here’s the first of a couple of holiday videos from our own Maureen’s Breaking Blind channel. Because … well, there might still be a few people who haven’t run across it yet!


  • Reblog: Grafton’s Chaz Davis has a surprising finish

    Chaz presents a Christmas basket of items prepared by CCB students to an officer from the Littleton Police Department

    Chaz presents a Christmas basket of items prepared by CCB students to an officer from the Littleton Police Department

    Editor’s Note: We thought this hometown article about our student Chaz and his American record in his first-ever marathon last month well worth the read. Needless to say, we’re excited for him and proud of his achievements!

    By John Conceison
    It’s always fine when a competitor thrives during an Olympic year.
    For Grafton’s Chaz Davis, 2016 has served as a year of wondrous accomplishment, complete with the trip to Rio and recording personal bests at the Paralympic Games.

    Well, apparently, the year wasn’t quite complete until the beginning of this month. Davis still hadn’t run a full-course marathon, though he had participated in the relay challenge at last year’s California International Marathon in Sacramento.… Read the rest “Reblog: Grafton’s Chaz Davis has a surprising finish”


  • Do Your Final Shopping at & Support Us

    A wreath hanging on the front desk, Christmas lights and wooden ornaments - a Christmas Tree and the word Jolly

    Only a few days and hours to shop online, so why not make your holiday gift-giving go a little further still?

    Amazon’s Smile program donates 0.5 percent of your purchase amount to the charity of your choice, and that could be the Colorado Center for the Blind. Just go to and select CCB as your beneficiary. Return to every time you shop Amazon to ensure that your purchases also support us all year long!

    Thanks, and of course Happy Holidays!


  • Wrapping It Up on the Downhill Slope

    Graham wraps a gift with Chris Perez and Jackson walking in to do the same

    Graham wraps a gift with Chris Perez and Jackson walking in to do the sameStudents and staff wrapped it up on the downhill side of the year, putting final touches on Secret Santa gifts before our traditional holiday brunch.

    This year, we fed on breakfast burritos from Littleton’s GraceFull Cafe, a community cafe whose mission is “to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well and be inspired to give back.”  We thought we’d give back since, after opening earlier this year, GraceFull has hosted several of our students in internships, including summer youth.

    Besides, they serve a wonderful breakfast burrito.

    Libby, Chaz and Chip get breakfast burritos out of huge trays in the large kitchen
    Looking through the serving window at a large group of people getting breakfast burritos and drinks

    Then it’s time to dig under the tree and pass out the gifts, all labeled in Braille, of course.… Read the rest “Wrapping It Up on the Downhill Slope”


  • Not Exactly Winding the Year Down

    A group of CCB students pose around a cart with six large trays of goodies to give out

    A group of CCB students pose around a cart with six large trays of goodies to give out
    We’re in our final week – final days, really – of the 2016 year at the Colorado Center for the Blind. It’s not exactly like winding down, but more like an all-cylinders-open surge for the finish line.

    Alejandro went on a support drop yesterday, and is cooking a big meal tomorrow. Ryan served his mini-meal – fifteen people and French onion soup – while down in the gym another class punched, kicked and potato-tossed each other on their way to earning their orange belts in Karate from Karate Denver. We also delivered holiday cookies and other holiday treats to Littleton police, fire and planning personnel, as well as to the shopping assistants at the Neighborhood Wal-Mart.… Read the rest “Not Exactly Winding the Year Down”


  • We’re Excited – Thanks for a Successful #COGivesDay 2016!

    Cloe leaping from a paddle board during Confidence Camp

    Cloe leaping from a paddle board during Confidence Camp

    Our 2016 Colorado Gives Day was our most successful ever, and we want to thank all of our friends and new acquaintances who helped make it so!

    In all, we received $15,230 via the online Colorado Gives web site, and all of that counts toward a share of the $1 million Incentive Fund offered by First Bank and the Community First Foundation. In addition, we received another $11,275 in checks on December 6 from supporters who don’t favor online giving for one reason or another. No matter, we’re excited and thankful for all our donations, which totaled $26,505!

    We’re still getting a few checks and online donations, and all these funds go toward the costs of programs like our Confidence Camp for Kids (see photo above), challenge recreation and special programs for seniors.… Read the rest “We’re Excited – Thanks for a Successful #COGivesDay 2016!”


  • Decorating for the Holidays 2016

    Chris K. and Delfina high fiving in front of the tree

    Shop Instructor Chris and Home Management Instructor Delfina high fiving in front of the tree

    We’re nine days into December and, not all that surprisingly, 9 is the temperature this morning. Robert routinely interrupts class with overhead PA announcements, requesting some student or staff member to please stop by his desk on a break. This is a sure sign that there’s a Secret Santa something or other waiting for the requested one at Robert’s desk in the lobby.

    Hard to believe that we’ll be done for the year in just a week, as always ending the year before the holiday break with a morning brunch and Secret Santas revealed! Before that unwrapping and Secret Santa unveiling, followed by departures across the state an to Denver International Airport, however, we’ll have one more graduation, a FAST Saturday/NFB of Denver Holiday Party on Saturday, and the Seniors Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 13.… Read the rest “Decorating for the Holidays 2016”


  • It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like a Deep Freeze

    Martin and Lynne walking in the snow. You can see the steam from Martin's breathing

    We had a little bit of snow this morning, but not enough to keep us at home. Snow is just a part of everyday life and for our students, learning to travel in all weather means feeling confident about traveling to their jobs someday.

    But it was cold, and will be colder tomorrow!


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