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Seniors Are in Charge and In-person This Week at CCB!

For the first time in two years, our week-long Seniors in Charge is live and in-person at the Colorado Center for the Blind! These four dynamic and intrepid older blind folks have been waiting since spring of 2020 to get five full days of blindness training in Braille, technology, cane […]

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Blindness training goals delayed by social distancing? Check out the new Breaking Blind Podcast

You know, this pandemic shutdown has been going on for a minute. Especially if you are a student at the Colorado Center for the Blind, or someone waiting to come, or someone newly blind and trying to figure out how to do the simplest things you used to do now […]

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Happy Holidays! Thanks to All of You, Lives Change at the Colorado Center for the Blind

We’re celebrating the holidays, and we hope you are too! Yes, our programs change lives, class by class, day by day, week by week. Thanks to all of you who donated to our programs this year, we continue to be able to provide our students with the essential tools they […]

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Learning from Blind/VI Role Models: Martin Featured in @CSDBBulldogs Video Series

The Colorado Schoool for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) recently launched a great video series focusing on role models for their blind and deaf students. Our own Martin Becerra-Miranda, Director of Youth Services, is featured in this one:

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What You Carry in Your Soul & a Trip to the Wood Shop: A Visit from Alum Cathy @Kudlick

It has been nearly 18 years since Catherine Kudlick first arrived in Littleton as a student at CCB, but the lessons of her training have endured, as she told staff and students in Philosophy Class last Thursday. Cathy’s blindness is due to Nystagmus and she had never used a cane […]