Month: May 2021

  • It may be the flowering of a great new partnership!

    It may be the flowering of a great new partnership!

    three professional women smile while standing in front of a flowering crab apple tree

    We were excited to welcome Circuit Media leadership for a recent visit at the center. Rebecca, Lisa, Karen and Ellie sat down with Executive Director Julie Deden and members of the management team to discuss a possible partnership, including Circuit Media staff serving as volunteers and possible internships for students. (Rebecca, Karen and Ellie are shown in the photo above.)

    Circuit Media, a 20-year-old company headquartered in Denver, is a digital communications and design agency working in both the private and government sectors. Since its inception, it has also fostered socially-conscious service to the community. Indeed, Circuit Media has incorporated accessible digital design as a matter of conscience and compliance into its business products.… Read the rest “It may be the flowering of a great new partnership!”


  • Big Thanks for Big Success of May 14 Vaccine Clinic

    Big Thanks for Big Success of May 14 Vaccine Clinic

    Two women in the 15 minute waiting tent on vaccination day

    Last Friday’s vaccination clinic here at the center was a huge success, and we want to give a huge shout-out to our partners, Vive Family Wellness, St. Benedict’s Health and Healing Ministry, and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition for helping us make it possible for 29 people to get their first Moderna shot on May 14. The convenience was a big draw for staff, students and folks in the neighborhood to drop in, and that was the beauty of the event.

    Sure the taco truck was outstanding, too. I mean, really outstanding!

    Students around the taco truck on Vax Day

    The clinic for the second shot will be held on Friday, June 11 from 1 to 4 p.m.… Read the rest “Big Thanks for Big Success of May 14 Vaccine Clinic”


  • Youth Summer Programs Hit A Triple

    Youth Summer Programs Hit A Triple

    Cover of Mort The Mouse

    Youth Services Director Martin Becerra-Miranda has a lot to share right now – three exciting offerings from the Colorado Center for the Blind for blind youth and their families. We like to think of it as a dazzling summer triple!

    First Base

    FAST Saturday, May 22

    Mort the Mouse Goes on an Adventure is an in-person activity at CCB that involves a tactile children’s book by Ann Cunningham and a scavenger hunt with rewards at the end, but strangely no cheese. Read more and RSVP!

    Rounding Second

    June 21 to 25 Confidence Camp for youth ages 4 to 10

    Confidence Camp is back for the summer of 2021!… Read the rest “Youth Summer Programs Hit A Triple”


  • Center Hosts Walk-in Vaccine Clinic Friday, May 14

    Center Hosts Walk-in Vaccine Clinic Friday, May 14

    COVID-19 Vaccine Viles
    Announcing …

    Colorado Center for the Blind Walk-in Vaccine Clinic

    This Friday, May 14, 2021 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Colorado Center for the Blind (in the parking lot)
    2233 West Shepperd Ave
    Littleton, CO 80120

    We are excited to host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic with our partners for those 18 and older this Friday. It’s a walk-in clinic, meaning no registration. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

    The Second Dose clinic will be scheduled for Friday, June 11, 2021 at the same time.

    We can also provide second vaccines at the clinic this Friday, May 14th to those who have received their first Moderna vaccine at least 28 days before.… Read the rest “Center Hosts Walk-in Vaccine Clinic Friday, May 14”


  • The Seniors are coming! The Seniors are coming!

    The Seniors are coming! The Seniors are coming!

    people wearing masks are seated at tables, with one woman standing at the back
    For the first in-person we also tried to have a virtual component. Shon Spears sits in the center of the room managing things on a laptop. Executive Director Julie Deden slipped in at the back of the room to witness at least part of the exciting event.

    That was the cry of excitement on Tuesday, April 27 when our Senior Services Program held its first in-person group meeting at the center in nearly 14 months. A dozen intrepid souls made their way across the Metro area to sit together in one room to talk about blindness and how it affects their lives.… Read the rest “The Seniors are coming! The Seniors are coming!”


  • If part of a tree falls …

    If part of a tree falls …

    A man reaches into a shoulder-high tangle of branches
    As we explored the tangle of branches it became clear that we wouldn’t be able to simply clear it all away without a chainsaw. Here Martin sizes up the situation along the west sidewalk.

    Maybe we wanted to post this today because the sun is shining in these photos, and it’s been cold and rainy for the past couple of days.

    On a warm Friday morning in April we arrived at the center only to find the sidewalk blocked by a very large portion of one of our elm trees. Okay, we didn’t quite arrived, because it blocked the sidewalk in front of the center.… Read the rest “If part of a tree falls …”


  • Vicki embarks on a new chapter

    Vicki embarks on a new chapter

    smiling woman shows off her new necklace
    Vicki was happy to show off the amethyst necklace she received as a farewell gift, along with a bottle of rose water.

    A reign as Residential manager has come to a close. None has served longer in that role. Tuesday (April 27) after hours, staff threw her a farewell party at the center, but the real party is back in her home state. Vicki (Sayler) Hedrick flew off to Oklahoma this weekend to be with her mother, Dorothy, who is recovering from brain surgery last Monday. By all reports, Dorothy is doing fine, and we are all pulling for her.… Read the rest “Vicki embarks on a new chapter”