Month: August 2022

  • Blindness adds Another layer to Privilege Walk

    Jamila leading a Privilege Walk Activity in the Gym

    A while back, the Philosophy class met in the gym and student Jamila Lane led us through a “Privilege Walk.” Jamila, from Atlanta, previously participated in Privilege Walks in both her undergraduate and graduate studies, but it was her first time leading one. “Disability added a very interesting layer to it,” she said, “because everyone…


  • Thank You, Littleton! Joy and Pride at Western Welcome Week 2022

    Makhai wearing parade number

    Makhai proudly wears No. 43, our Western Welcome Week Parade number for this year, and led the way for us down the parade route on Littleton Blvd and Main St. He didn’t manage to spare his voice, however, as he led chants and cheers. He was already going hoarse by the time we turned off…


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