Month: April 2017

  • Serena’s homemade applesauce for a snowy spring Saturday

    a smiling young woman holds a quart jar of amber appplesauce

    Believe it or not, the forecasts were correct, snow came in Friday night and is still falling Saturday morning of the last weekend in April. So here’s a warm thought. Serena made applesauce from scratch on Thursday in Home Management – peeling, coring, chopping, cooking and putting the mixture through the food processor. She’s got…


  • Just can’t stop makin’ those drops – Congrats C.G.!

    C.G. signing in at the lobby Brailler with a smile

    We have a lot of students nearing the completion of their training programs at the Center, and that always means a steady stream of drops and support drops each week. On Wednesday, C.G. did her final and independent drop, getting back to the Center in no time, even though she naturally had no idea where…


  • Seniors Attend Audio-described Production of “Mama Mia”

    Seniors around a long table, laughing and talking with food

    Here’s a pic of some of our seniors at Chili’s last Saturday, after attending the audio-described performance of “Mama Mia” at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The Seniors used it as a fund-raiser, raising over $200. They keep a small donation fund going to help out with the expenses of various Senior activities…


  • Graham’s Tech Project

    Graham editing tracks on the computer for his tech project

    It just so happens that Graham graduated today, but we’re posting a sample of his Tech Class project. He of course worked with screen readers and other tools in his Tech Class, but as a songwriter and musician with a fair bit of recording experience, he wanted to try his hand at recording and mixing…


  • Getting the Garden Ready for 2017

    Zach on one knnee cutting the final branch - the finished pile is behind him

    Yes, it’s time to start getting the garden ready for the 2017 growing season! Tuesday morning some of our Colorado Master Gardeners from the Arapahoe County’Extension Office came by to start getting our Legacy Garden area ready for planting next month, clearing out and cutting down all manner of last year’s growth. Zach, our student…


  • Congratulate Courtney, she completed her drop this morning!

    A young woman standing at the counter, her fingers on the keys of a Braille typewriter

    She had great weather, and more than a little New Jersey attitude when Steve told us at announcements she was going on her drop this morning. She still had that attitude when she got back after only an hour. “I think I spent more time waiting for the light rail than anything …,” she commented.…


  • Braille in the Great Outdoors

    Five people around a picnic table, one reading Braille aloud to the others.

    The weather’s been great, so Jen took her Braille classes outside one day last week. They took turns reading aloud from a Braille book. Can’t think of a more relaxing way to learn the critical skills of literacy for the blind!


  • Shout out to our visitors from Front Range Christian School!

    Ceci in sleepshades answering questions from visitors

    We want to give a shout out to students and staff and parents from Front Range Christian School, who toured the Center on April 7. It’s become an annual event, with 26 students coming this year, and 8 adults. Robert talked and answered questions, along with the aid of Ceci and Suzie. Then the three…


  • Swolly-ness is Holiness: Ryan’s Pull Up Station

    Ryan at the Pull Up Station doing leg lift pull ups

    Everyone does a project in Wood Shop, and since Ryan is a fitness professional he built a pull-up station in our gym:


  • A Menu with Flair: Ceci’s Mini Meal

    Ceci working on her Mini Meal

    Tilapia and ratatouille were served to fifteen with flair for Ceci’s mini-meal, but that was no surprise!


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