Month: November 2015

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    Make the most of your online shopping this year – buy the wonderful holiday gifts you want, and support the Colorado Center for the Blind.

    Amazon’s Smile program contributes a small percentage of each eligible purchase to your selected nonprofit, and the Colorado Center for the Blind is on the list.

    Just go to and search for the Colorado Center for the Blind. Then, any time you login and make a purchase on you’ll also benefit the life-changing programs at the Center – all year long!

    Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


  • Happy 75th Birthday NFB!

    A smiling man and woman stand on each side of a bronze plaque with print and Braille visible. Both hold long white canes.

    The national Federation of the Blind turns 75 today!

    The NFB was formed in 1940 to bring the collective voice of the blind into being. Blind people in 1940 had little chance to be employed in meaningful jobs or to attend college. Some did, and in a number of states the blind had organized. On this date in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania delegates from seven states gathered with the express purpose of creating a national voice. The constitution was written, voted on and accepted by the delegates and the National Federation of the Blind was born.

    In that time the NFB has wrought enormous change in attitudes toward the blind, though we still fight for equality in employment, education, and access to technology and information.… Read the rest “Happy 75th Birthday NFB!”


  • Shark Dissection Day This Friday!

    teacher and student bend over a dog shark

    For most of us, the run up to the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t conjure thoughts of sharks, but it does here at the Colorado Center for the Blind. That’s because for nearly a decade, Arapahoe Community College’s Biology Professor Terry Harrison has been conducting his shark dissection here with blind kids from around the Denver Metro area as well as from the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB).

    This year’s event is Friday, November 13, from 10 a.m. to noon in our gym at 2233 W. Shepperd Ave.

    “We set out to show that blind kids can actively participate in STEM subjects in school, and even consider STEM careers,” says Youth Services Director Brent Batron.… Read the rest “Shark Dissection Day This Friday!”


  • Colorado Gives Day on December 8!

    Colorado Gives Day ad for December 8, 2015

    It’s only a month away – Colorado Gives Day 2015, and a great opportunity to support our programs and philosophy at the Colorado Center for the Blind!

    You know that we don’t just teach blindness skills, as important as they are, but aim for that belief in those blindness skills that lead to confidence and self-reliance. Whether it’s our Seniors, Youth or Independence Training Programs, those extras like challenge recreation, art, our special emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), or attending the largest annual gathering of the blind in the world – the National Federation of the Blind Convention – your donation can make the difference!… Read the rest “Colorado Gives Day on December 8!”


  • “Shared Visions” – A Collaboration with ACC’s Dept. of Art & Design

    Six people work their clay on pottery wheels

    For nearly two decades, Colorado artist Ann Cunningham has
    been teaching art classes at the Colorado Center for the Blind. Initially drawn to us because she was curious about how blind people experience art (such as the stone carvings she produces), she has become one of North America’s leading teachers, advocates and innovators with respect to access to the arts for the blind – both as observers and creators.

    So when Nathan Abels, painter and faculty member at Arapahoe Community College’s Art Department, called last year to talk about a nontraditional painting assignment he was planning, it was natural that Ann and he would find plenty to talk about.… Read the rest ““Shared Visions” – A Collaboration with ACC’s Dept. of Art & Design”


  • Zach Turns “I Can’ts” into “Can Dos!”

    Man holding his bell high as he rings it, a woman stands beside him applauding

    Man holding his bell high as he rings it, a woman stands beside him applauding

    Zach’s day was Wednesday, October 28, a day to celebrate what he now “does” after nine months of training at the Center, and the confidence he has as a blind person for the things he will do in the future. The photo of him ringing his Freedom Bell above shows just how ready he was for that celebration.

    Zach fought for nearly two years to get funding to come to the Center from Wisconsin. The real work started when he got her early this year, however.

    “You had a whole list of ‘I can’ts,’ Maureen, his Home Management Instructor, reminded him.… Read the rest “Zach Turns “I Can’ts” into “Can Dos!””


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