Month: January 2017

  • 18 Onions & What do You Get? Ryan’s Mini-meal & the Inside of Your Sleepshades Are Wet

    Ryan admits he was pretty happy to be wearing sleepshades as he chopped the 18 onions it took to make his French onion soup. He is also now excited about cooking something other than “meat” since he came to the Center.


  • Dates & Applications for 2017 Residential Summer Youth Programs Available

    Thomas about to board the RTD Bus

    Sure, it was an unlucky 13 degrees this morning and one-third of our ITP students are on the slopes today, so why not start thinking about Summer 2017?

    Here are the dates of all three residential programs.

    Summer for Success College Prep Program
    Ages: completed junior year in high school with focus on college
    Program dates: June 9 – August 4
    8-week residential program

    Earn and Learn High School Program
    Ages: 14 years or older and completed freshman year of high school
    Program dates: June 9 – August 4
    8-week residential program

    Initiation to Independence Middle School Program
    Ages: 11-14
    Program dates: June 12 – June 30
    3 week residential program

    At the Colorado Center for the Blind we offer three summer residential programs for students in middle school, high school and college prep.… Read the rest “Dates & Applications for 2017 Residential Summer Youth Programs Available”


  • It’s all ready: Brittany’s Mini-meal

    Shrimp and French bread … Britanny is cool and in charge of her mini-meal for 15!


  • Announcing Dates for the 2017 CONFIDENCE CAMP FOR KIDS

    Cloe leaping from a paddle board during Confidence Camp

    Come join us for our Elementary Summer day Program!

    June 5 through June 23

    9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday

    For ages 5-11
    Once again, The Colorado Center for the Blind is sponsoring our interactive, three week program for blind and visually impaired children ages five through eleven.

    The highly qualified staff, including two certified TVIs, will work with students in a variety of age appropriate areas such as cane skills, daily living skills, Braille and beginning technology. Students will prepare lunch each day and focus on household activities like making beds, vacuuming, washing dishes, sweeping, etc.… Read the rest “Announcing Dates for the 2017 CONFIDENCE CAMP FOR KIDS”


  • The Maker of Indian Cuisine: Trevor’s Mini-meal

    Trevor has a degree in Physics, is a bit of an inventor, more than just a dabbler in the maker movement, and he takes his tinkerer’s inclinations to the kitchen. “How does?” and “What if?” are part of what makes us human, so they are naturally encouraged in our training program.


  • Pleased to host #BrailleChallenge and the #SRC all today!

    News Icon

    Yes, we’re pleased and excite to be the host site for the Braille Challenge for 2017! Fifteen Metro-area students ages 6 to 17 are here to demostrate their skils in reading, writing and more using Braille. It’s our third year to host the Metro Challenge, which is sponsored by the Braille Institute of America and coordinated in Colorado by the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. Last week, students in Colorado Springs met the Braille Challenge as well.

    This afternoon the State Rehabilitation Council met at the Center. The SRC is required of each state’s Vocational Rehabilitation program, and includes members from across the state representing many disabilities.… Read the rest “Pleased to host #BrailleChallenge and the #SRC all today!”


  • Tactile Art Club to Hold First Meeting Jan. 17 at CCB

    An alabaster sculpture with flowing and spiky elements

    The first-ever meeting of a new Tactile Art Club will meet at CCB from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, January 17. It will be held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month.

    Our long-time collaorator and art instructor, Ann Cunningham, CCB alum Jenny Callahan and CCB Tech Instructor Yolanda Thompson hatched the idea, inspired in part by the first-ever NFB Tactile art and Tactile Graphics Symposium held at the National Center for the Blind in Baltimore last December.

    “The idea is to grow a community around the idea of access to tactile art and tactile graphics,” Says Ann.

    Meetings will be divided into two parts.… Read the rest “Tactile Art Club to Hold First Meeting Jan. 17 at CCB”


  • Kimberley’s Retirement Party Brings Surprise Guests

    Left to right, Kimberley, Tom and Linda.

    Kimberley was indeed surprised when Tom and Linda Anderson showed up at the Center today all the way from Kansas. They’re in town for her retirement party tonight. It was a little tricky keekping it a secret … Tom and Linda’s coming, not the party.

    Many of Kimberley McCutcheon’s Face Book Friends will already know this news. Kimberley’s decided to retire and move to a little farm in the hills of North Carolina. She started at the Colorado Center for the Blind in November of 1989 – just before the Center celebrated its 2nd anniversary. She was the Residential Manager, taught what we then called “Daily Living Skilss” (now Home Management), and has been Director of Career & Student Services for many years.… Read the rest “Kimberley’s Retirement Party Brings Surprise Guests”


  • It’s Going on! Jackson’s Mini-meal for Fifteen

    Planning, preparing and serving a three-recipe meal to 15 people is no small matter. Jackson admits at one point he was getting nervous, but he tried to treat the process as a “regular day in class”. He definitely had it going on with his mini-meal!


  • Summer Students Spoof Their Summer Counselors

    Unheard of, we know. But our 2016 summer students gained so much confidence they decided to spoof their summer counselors and Brent in an imagined staff meeting. Shockingly accurate …


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