Month: May 2016

  • Peter’s Alabaster Horse

    Tactile art classes, taught by sculptor Ann Cunningham, have been a unique part of training at the Colorado Center for the Blind since the 1990s. Students might work in stone, clay, make tactile drawings with Ann’s Sensational Drawing Board, or go wherever their creative sense pulls them.

    Just before his graduation from the Center and return to New York, Peter talked about his experience in Ann’s art class at the Center and what it meant to him.


  • An April Fools Outing at Progresh with NSCD

    This was just one of the groups of ITP students who made a trip to Progresh with our NSCD partners, but it definitely gives a flavor of the challenge and the fun.


  • Comcast Cares Volunteers at Work

    Workers with shoels, rakes and brooms in the snow and rain

    Heress a brief video from Comcast Cares Day 2016. It’s a 360p-degree look at volunteers at work outside at the Colorado Center for the Blind on the morning of April 30.


  • Christopher: Keep your heart open

    Christopher receiving the bell

    Christopher receiving the bellA big heart and steadfast determination to finish his training at the Center despite significant health challenges are the things that fellow students and staff remarked on again and again Friday morning when Christopher was awarded his Bell of Freedom.

    Julie Deden noted the disruption in the middle of his program as she presented his bell, and how he insisted on continuing. But the most important thing, said Julie, is that Christopher has “such a big heart”, and that he’s always ready to help others, volunteering to help out with youth programs and more.”

    “Christopher’s determination was fueled perhaps by the successes of students after he arrived.… Read the rest “Christopher: Keep your heart open”


  • Alum Reem Graduates CC of Aurora with 4.0

    News Icon

    (Editor’s Note: This press release was forwarded to us by the Community College of Aurora, and it is certainly worthy to be shared with all. Congratulations to Reem!)



    Reem Hamodi Graduates with 4.0 GPA

    May 9, 2016 – Aurora, CO – When Reem Hamodi arrived in the United States five years ago from Iraq, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

    She felt isolated because her English wasn’t perfect and communicating with others was a challenge, especially because Hamodi is also blind.

    Despite those challenges, Hamodi graduated from the Community College of Aurora on May 7 with an Associate of Arts degree in psychology and with a 4.0 grade point average with the intention of becoming a psychology professor.… Read the rest “Alum Reem Graduates CC of Aurora with 4.0”


  • April Snow Showers, Community & Comcast Cares

    Workers with shoels, rakes and brooms in the snow and rain

    We’re still buzzing with the excitement of last Saturday. It’s not just the work, but it’s spirit of the folks who came and the shared effort!

    Saturday, April 30 dawned to several inches of wet snow on the Center’s grounds, and temperatures in the mid-30s. The rain mixed with snow continued all morning and afternoon, but it was Comcast Cares Day 2016 and dozens of Comcast employee-volunteers and their families showed up anyway to work on our landscaping and other tasks. They came because they said they would, and because this event is one of the largest corporate-sponsored volunteer programs in the US.… Read the rest “April Snow Showers, Community & Comcast Cares”


  • Bring Your Snowshoes, Just in Case!

    Two men grin at the camera with snowy mountains behind them

    Twenty-four blind and visually-impaired Front Range youth spent the weekend of April 22-24 in Estes Park. It had been planned as a snow-shoe trip, but instead the kids and 9 adults took a 6-and-ahalf mile hike in Rocky Mountain Park.

    For the past couple of years the Center has cosponsored a snowshoeing trip for blind kids along the Front Range with Colorado AER . The trip has a history stretching back a decade or more. Steve Patten and Martin Becerra, along with Warren Knight – a current ITP student – served as the maile counselors.

    Basically, it involves some pretty dedicated teachers for blind and visually impaired kids planning, raising money and driving kids up to the mountains for a two-night winter activity.… Read the rest “Bring Your Snowshoes, Just in Case!”


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