Month: December 2014

  • Breaking Blind’s Virtual Tour of the Center

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    We’re off for the holiday break, so it seems like a good time to share Breaking Bad’s virtual tour of the Center from YouTube. It’s not really as quiet at the Center right now as the day the video was shot — a remodeling project started on Monday, December 22.

    It’s also a lot colder!


  • Our Colorado Gives Day 2014 Results

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    Thanks to 67 generous donors we raised $12,901 online on December 9, and received another $520 in checks and cash, bringing our total to $13,421!

    In addition, the online figure makes us eligible for a small portion of the $1 million incentive fund put up by FirstBank and Community First Foundation. A total of $26.2 million was donated to more than 1600 Colorado nonprofits on Colorado Gives Day 2014

    We are grateful to all of our friends who continue to support us with donations ranging from $10 to $3000, but it’s also exciting to be part of the largest giving day of the year in Colorado!… Read the rest “Our Colorado Gives Day 2014 Results”


  • Blindness Won’t Hold Us Back

    (Editor’s Note: Colorado Gives Day seems like a great time to share this. Sam Barasso graduated from the Center in February of 2014. She’s working at a part-time job and getting ready to return to college. This Face Book post reminded us all that blindness isn’t what holds us back – what holds us back is sometimes a lack of skills, and always a lack of confidence in ourselves as blind people. It’s why we do what we do at the Center and in the National Federation of the Blind.)

    Sam with the candlestick she turned on the latheDay 21 of the 30 people I’m thankful for in 30 days goes to the amazing staff at the Colorado Center for the Blind.… Read the rest “Blindness Won’t Hold Us Back”


  • Getting a Feel for Science

    Students at @cocenter4blind got a chance to experience science in all its disgusting glory.

    By Ramsey Scott
    November 18, 2014
    Columbine Courier

    “Yucks!” blended with yucks as the students probed the stomach contents of the dogfish sharks they were dissecting

    “I found a claw,” said one student, as he waved miniature pincers in the air.

    “I found a fish,” another student said as she held high a half-digested fish body.

    A biology class cutting open a formaldehyde-soaked animal isn’t necessarily a unique event. Yet for most of the class at the Colorado Center for the Blind
    in Littleton on Nov.… Read the rest “Getting a Feel for Science”


  • Reblog: Have a cane in Your hand instead of a pole on your face

    Chris Able

    A Summer 2014 Student Reflects

    (Editor’s Note: What follows is excerpted from an August 6, 2014 blog post of The Blind Coloradan, the official blog of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado. An Arizona high school student, Christian Able was a student this summer and worked 40 hours for the Chris AbleNFBCO staff. Here’s his reflection on the summer program at the Center and his work with the NFB of Colorado.)

    Stepping on that plane a month ago I thought everything would be easy and I wouldn’t learn anything this summer. That’s not the case at all. I would say the sleep shades helped me see.… Read the rest “Reblog: Have a cane in Your hand instead of a pole on your face”


  • Breaking Blind on Indoor Skydiving & #CoGivesDay

    The Center’s own “Breaking Bad” YouTube star, Maureen, talks about the Center and Colorado Gives Day in her latest video … you wish you were there!


  • Support the CCB on Colorado Gives Day December 9

    … or just do it now and schedule it for Tuesday!

    #CoGivesDay 2014December 9 is just two days away, and it’s Colorado Gives Day!  Once a year Coloradoans support their favorite nonprofits with an annual gift … or a recurring gift. We are thankful to you for all your previous support, and as the holidays approach we ask that you think of us one more time on Colorado’s largest one-day online giving event.

    You don’t have to wait till Tuesday though. You can go to our Center’s giving page and schedule your donation to post on December 9th. 

    Maybe after church this morning and before the Broncos game this afternoon?… Read the rest “Support the CCB on Colorado Gives Day December 9”


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