Month: April 2016

  • What Color Is Tuesday? Haylee’s Speech

    Julie hugging Haylee and presenting the Bell - Big Smiles and warm hugs

    This is Haylee’s speech for our short-term public speaking class, given last fall before she graduated. Not only did we learn about synesthesia from Haylee, we also learned during the question-and-answer segment (not shown) from Tabea how she and her sister Sarah argued as children over things like what color Tuesday was. They both had…


  • Joey’s Hollywood Ending

    Joey grins as he rings his Bell of Freedom

    Joey wanted to return to the Center for a full training program ever since he came to a summer program as a teenager in 2005. Finally, his Dad put the question in his mind – was he ready to take care of himself if something happened to his parents? That’s when Joey went into action.…


  • Shelby: The Choir Director Gets Her Bell

    a smiling Shelby rings her Bell of Freedom

    Shelby’s graduation on April 8 brought her parents and, grandparents all the way from South Carolina, as well as a family friend who lives in Scotland. Shelby came to the Center as a brand-new high school grad last summer, and so it was the second time her parents and grandparents had been to the Center…


  • Vika: If I can cook for 64, I can cook for my family someday

    Vika receiving her bell

    On April 6 it was Vika’s turn to ring her Bell of Freedom. She cooked a meal of barbecued chicken, potato wedges that used 30 pounds of spuds, and peach cobbler. When Julie asked if if she’d ever done any cooking before coming to the Center, she said no. “My parents were afraid I would…


  • Peter: This is your journey to make

    two isntructors awrd the bell to the student

    Peter culminated his amazing journey on April 1 with his grad meal and the Bell of Freedom he worked so hard to earn. “It was suggested that I come here 20 years ago,” Peter toldus. “I didn’t because I didn’t believe I was blind.” Indeed, Peter came from Brooklyn as one of our more mature…


  • Marcus’s Speed Bag Project

    Marcus has made plenty of things in wood shop, before and after coming to the Center. So when it came time to do a final project, he chose something for the Center. By the way, it’s used almost every day.


  • Tabea: I didn’t know I would grow in the ways that I have

    Tabea grins as she holds her bell of freedom

      Tabea’s time in the spotlight came on March 12 when her travel instructor David Nietfeld presented her with her Bell of Freedom. “When Tabea first got here her sister Sarah was finishing up,” David said. “For a while it was kind of the Meyer Show. Some might have been tempted to wonder how Tabea…


  • Warren’s First Month at CCB


  • Poetry in Philosophy Class

    Josie Mills

    Thanks to Josie Mills, chair of the Arapahoe Community College’s English Department. She came to philosophy class today to discuss John Milton’s poem, “On His Blindness.” Though almost everyone was new to this poem, there were a lot of very thoughtful responses. Maybe the best part of class for many, judging by the hush in…


  • Vicki: New House for Her Dog Bella

    Vicki uses a cordless drill to screw a large trianguler peice onto a frame for her dog house woodshop project

    All ITP students take wood shop and home maintenance at the Center, and building a project is a graduation requirement. Vicki will tell you about hers:


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