Month: September 2019

  • FAST Scavenger Hunt: It’ll be a spooky good time… Or will it? Bwahahaha, come and find out for yourselves Oct. 10

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    2019 – 2020 FAST Program (Fun Activities & Skills Training) A Haunted Scavenger Hunt Can’t wait for Halloween to get here? Want something to do on a Friday night? Never been on a scavenger hunt? Well, come and join CCB for a Friday night of fun! We’ll have plenty of activities to test your problem…


  • Peaches, Chiles and Chives – Our Post-Labor Day Harvest

    Octavia picks Peaches from the CCB Garden

    Octavia picks Peaches from the CCB Garden During the latter part of August in Colorado, and into the first week or so of September, we are all going crazy about Western Slope peaches. They are big, they are juicy, and they are to die for. They are in the supermarkets, the farmers’ markets and many…


  • Kicking Off the 2019-2020 FAST Program This Friday!

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    “FAST” stands for Fun Activities & Skills Training, which is our monthly school-year program directed at blind youth and their families. FAST activities wil occur on either the second Friday evening or second Saturday of each month. Back to School: Setting goals, seeing progress, and finding success! Who? Blind students of all ages and their…


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