Month: August 2015

  • Kudos for Wells Fargo Volunteer Faire

    Man seated before the CCB banner, flanked by tow other men

    Thanks to Wells Fargo for hosting its volunteer fair at the Wells Fargo Center at 17th and Broadway yesterday. Wayne Marshall and I represented the Center, and there were over 40 other nonprofits in attendance.

    Wells Fargo gives each employee 16 hours a year to be away from their jobs in order to volunteer in the community. The purpose of the fair was to give their employees a chance to learn about nonprofits in the Denver Metro area who could use their time, talent and interest.

    And they are serious about volunteering. We learned that there are several volunteer groups, including the Denver group, Diversabilities and Women’s groups.… Read the rest “Kudos for Wells Fargo Volunteer Faire”


  • Another Tick Toward Fall

    Two women practice the use of a file on a white stone

    The days are hot, but the mornings increasingly cool, almost chilly, and the hot air stirs in the evening. The sound of those breezes, the sound of the leaves, has changed, though – just another tick toward fall.

    So we started up art classes with Ann Cunningham again on Monday afternoons and martial arts with Littleton Martial Arts Academy on Tuesday afternoons.

    We still have gardening on Tuesday mornings with the Arapahoe County Master Gardeners – it’s all about harvesting now!

    Tuesday mornings we have Seniors and NFB of Colorado President Scott LaBarre is here to chat with them, and to hold a philosophy class with our ITP students.… Read the rest “Another Tick Toward Fall”


  • A Magical Evening

    Three people stand at the front of a dimly-lit gym

    It was a magical evening. May 15 marked the end to a long career at the Colorado Center for the Blind for Tom Anderson. More than 150 people came to send Tom and Linda off to Kansas after 27 years teaching Braille – and several other duties. We fed them, and gave the tribute to Tom and Linda that we felt they deserved. And we did it without electricity.

    That Friday was a generally mild spring day. Sure there were sprinkles and rumbling thunder in early afternoon as the Center’s Board of Directors met in our new conference room, but all that passed over us.… Read the rest “A Magical Evening”


  • A Summer Student’s Poem

    A smiling young woman wearing sleepshades


    By Marie Frackiewicz

    (Editor’s Note: Marie was one of our Summer Youth 2015 students. She read this poem as part of the talent show on July 29. This week, she headed back to high school.)

    My heads spinning like a crashing airplane.
    My voice is broken like an old record.
    My courage is shattered like a dropped mirror.

    How can I help myself?
    How can someone help me?
    How can anybody help me?
    How do I live life like this???

    A friend is all it takes to stop my dizziness.
    An advocate is what I need to regain my voice.… Read the rest “A Summer Student’s Poem”


  • A Fitting Finale: Summer Youth Programs 2015

    Students and counselors lined up in choir fashion singing

    The Summer Youth Programs for 2015 ended July 29 with a talent show, and this fitting finale dedicated to Youth Services Director Brent Batron:



  • The Last Week of July 2015

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    It’s the last week of July, and at the Colorado Center for the Blind we’re fighting the feeling that summer is almost over. We know that there are still weeks of hot weather, lovely warm Colorado evenings to enjoy.

    But that vague anxiety is fueled as the last week of July saw our 22 summer students graduating on Wednesday, cleaning and packing on Thursday and leaving on Friday. Many of them are starting school in the first week of August. For them, summer truly is about over.

    It was a big week, and a big summer. Eighteen students flew out from DIA Friday, and these Face Book posts give a sense of the momentousness of the last week of July – and the last two months:

    From Shay: Here at the airport, waiting to go home.

    Read the rest “The Last Week of July 2015”


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