Kudos for Wells Fargo Volunteer Faire

Man seated before the CCB banner, flanked by two other men
Wells Fargo employees are pretty serious about volunteering. Left to right are Dan Burke, Wayne Marshall (seated) and Nathan Deines, a Wells volunteer group leader.

Thanks to Wells Fargo for hosting its volunteer fair at the Wells Fargo Center at 17th and Broadway yesterday. Wayne Marshall and I represented the Center, and there were over 40 other nonprofits in attendance.

Wells Fargo gives each employee 16 hours a year to be away from their jobs in order to volunteer in the community. The purpose of the fair was to give their employees a chance to learn about nonprofits in the Denver Metro area who could use their time, talent and interest.

And they are serious about volunteering. We learned that there are several volunteer groups, including the Denver group, Diversabilities and Women’s groups.

For Wayne and I it was a chance to pitch our programs serving from youth to seniors to folks who were interested in making a difference in the community and in the lives of others. It was also a great opportunity to do a little networking with other nonprofits!

Kudos to Wells Fargo and its great employee volunteers!

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