Month: January 2021

  • Walking the Virtual Halls at CCB

    A mostly black-and-white screen shot of the Zoom app, showing Breakout Rooms in Progress

    Moving out of your virtual classroom into the main “lobby,” you could very easily run into a classmate or another instructor, identifiable by their name in the participants list. Not by their video image, however, because of course class time, even remotely, is sleep shade time, too. Still, you might unmute yourself and exchange a few words before choosing your next classroom from the list of breakout rooms.

    The final three weeks of classes at CCB for 2020 were virtual, as are these first two weeks of 2021. Since Thanksgiving, we held regular classes on the Zoom platform, but doing so in a way that only became possible with the addition of a new feature this fall.… Read the rest “Walking the Virtual Halls at CCB”


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