Month: September 2022

  • DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    Four women stand together, smiling at the camera as the woman with a white cane displays the flag
    Julie Deden shows us the Tactile Flag presented to CCB by the Mt. Rosa Chapter of the DAR. Shown with her, from left to right, are DAR members Marsha, Sally, Julie, and Kathryn.

    We were excited to welcome three members of the Mount Rosa Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on Tuesday, September 13, who presented us with a tactile American flag. They accurately surmised that we might not have an actual flag that blind people could touch and make sense out of. Now we have one!”

    Of course, we have the Stars and Stripes in our meeting room, but flags are made nowadays in such a way that you can’t feel any difference between the red and white stripes or the field of blue, let alone the 50 white stars there.

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