Month: September 2015

  • September, where did you go?

    A view fo Denver's skyline from the foothills

    Whew! So this is the way this week has been – really, the entire month!

    A small but dedicated cadre of staff and students went out for a good hike on Sunday at Mt. Falcon near Morrison, and just to the south of Red Rocks. Like rock climbing and our Urban Adventures program, we partnered with the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) on the hike, which was 6.4 miles round trip, and rising from 6000 feet to 7500 feet in elevation.

    Monday certain students attended a Boomers’ Career Fair. We don’t need to call out the attendees by name.… Read the rest “September, where did you go?”


  • Taking Time Out from Fishing: Two Recent Visitors

    Woman in sleepshades shows visitor a Tech Lab

    Woman in sleepshades shows visitor a Tech LabWe’d like to acknowledge two special visitors that came for a tour of the Center on August 24.

    Bill Gideon is retired now, living in Longmont, but he served on New Mexico’s Services for the Blind Board from 1972 to 1984. He came to the Center with his friend Jo Anne Brubaker of Evans, and our student Tabea gave them a tour.

    Bill doesn’t spend his retirement visiting blindness training centers, though. We have it on pretty good authority he’d rather be fishing. However, his daughter, Yolanda Thompson works for us three days a week teaching computer technology one-on-one, as well as maintaining our staff and student desktops.… Read the rest “Taking Time Out from Fishing: Two Recent Visitors”


  • From Poor Kid to Prof, Eddie Bell Challenges Students to Challenge Themselves

    Dr. Edward (Eddie” Bell, Director of the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University, visited the Colorado Center for the Blind on September 3. In Colorado to provide expert testimony to the Colorado Legislature’s Interim Study Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, he also presented an excellent philosophy class to our students, urging them to consider higher education as a means to economic independence.

    Describing himself as a “ghetto kid” from Albuquerque who’d already dropped out of school by the time he became blind, he told students that he had no plans ever to go to college.… Read the rest “From Poor Kid to Prof, Eddie Bell Challenges Students to Challenge Themselves”


  • I’m Not Staying in my room anymore!

    A young man gives a senior woman a cane lesson on the stairs

    A young man gives a senior woman a cane lesson on the stairsSix remarkable women made up our late-summer Seniors in Charge the week of August 31 to September 4. Ranging in age from 58 to 90, it didn’t take long to figure out that each of them were accomplished, dynamic people, and had been all their lives. They came to Seniors in Charge because they intend to remain that way.

    Three of the women came from the Grand Junction area and one returned from Mexico, where she retired after living and working in Denver. It was an intense and demanding five days and six nights, of course including Braille, cane travel, assistive technnology and home management skills.… Read the rest “I’m Not Staying in my room anymore!”


  • Cindy takes charge!

    Looking down the serving area over all the trays of food as Cindy stands telling us about what she prepared

    Cindy served a great meal to the entire Center on September 4 as the culmination of her program. She had lots of family from Arizona with her – her Mom and sister, with two little nephews, as well as her Aunt and Uncle and two of her cousins made the long road trip from Nogales to be a part of her celebration of success and independence.

    Cindy made her Uncle’s chicken recipe as part of her chicken salad, which was accompanied by a peach iced tea and strawberry shortcake. Despite a food processor malfunction the morning of her graduation, she powered through on the strength of the confidence she has gained in herself throughout her program, and on the confidence her instructors have in her.… Read the rest “Cindy takes charge!”


  • YouTube Star Expert Advocate Joins WE Fit Wellness Team

    News Icon

    (Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to share this press release from WE Fit Wellness, both because it involves our own Maureen Nietfeld and because the Center is an underwriter of WE Fit’s initiatives.

    Colorado Springs, Colorado (September 1, 2015). Today, WE Fit Wellness announced the addition of Maureen Neitfeld to their team of expert advocates. Neitfeld stars on her own YouTube channel, Breaking Blind, which has nearly 10,000 subscribers and climbing. WE Fit Wellness is launching a multimedia initiative, which will include podcasts, community radio, WE Can Culture workshops, and the Breaking Blind YouTube channel.
    In January of 2015, WE Fit Wellness launched its programs to bring exercise and nutrition options to underserved communities.… Read the rest “YouTube Star Expert Advocate Joins WE Fit Wellness Team”


  • Andy earns his Freedom Bell

    Andy shaking his ceramic Bell of Freedom with a big smile

    On August 27 Andy graduated from the Center following eight months of joyful learning powered by an intense desire for personal independence.

    “I can’t teach hard work and motivation,” his Home Management Instructor, Maureen told . him.

    Andy was a role model of both characteristics. He rarely missed a day and accepted each day’s new challenge with an equanimity that belied his eagerness to try new things.

    After three academically successful semesters of college studying Computer Science, he came to the Center because he wanted something more for himself. With virtually no skills in the kitchen or independent travel, he decided he needed to take time off from academics.… Read the rest “Andy earns his Freedom Bell”


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