Month: February 2017

  • Solving the Blindness Puzzle: Trevor’s Tactile Rubik’s Cube #LivetheLifeYouWant

    As Trevor explains, he’s been “cubing” for years, figuring out better and faster ways to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Working out how to make the Cube tactile and using all that he’s already learned to solve it nonvisually is just a part of solving the blindness puzzle for Trevor – of taking charge and living the life he wants!


  • From Beginner to Braille Master: A Day in One of Jen’s Braille Classes

    Oh yes, we’re big on Braille here at CCB, because it is fundamental to literacy for blind people and has high correlations with successful employment of blind adults. Our camera man Mike stopped by one of Jen’s classes recently and collected this video.


  • February’s Students of the Month

    Two young men in sleepshades, at left Trevor in the shop and at right Jackson walking outdoors

    For our second month of recognizing Students of the Month, staff selected Trevor and Jackson.

    At announcements this morning, Julie Deden talked about Trevor’s willingness to work hard under sleepshades, as well as always being willing to help out. Last month he volunteered to clear a stretch of sidewalk of snow and ice along S. Prince St.

    Of Jackson she talked about how kind and thoughtful he is – he works hard at his classes and has mentored many new students since he arrived.

    Students of the Month receive a gift card to Romancing the Bean, the coffee shop at the Littleton Downtown Station, housed in the historic Denver & Rio Grande railroad terminal.


  • Announcing our first Students of the Month – January 2017!

    Hindley in the garden last summer and Lyne smiling beside the lockers

    And the first-ever winners are Hindley (who graduated on Feb. 16) and Lyne!

    Hindley was chosen by CCB staff to be recognized for her leadership and her personal drive to learn as much as she could while a student here. She was Student Association for one 3-month term and not only learned to cook, but became a fantastic cook!

    Lyne was recognized for her diligence in working under sleepshades. It can be very difficult for some students with residual vision to keep their shades on, but Lyne has dedicated herself to doing it and we’re proud of her!

    Staff decided to implement the Student of the Month award to recognize students.… Read the rest “Announcing our first Students of the Month – January 2017!”


  • A Walk Around the Pond: February Birding by Ear

    a group walking on a paved path around the pond, using white canes. Photos of various birds border the central shot.

    Birding by Ear started up again today with a visit from Ali Mayes of the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Though it was warm, not a great variety of birds are around in February. In the photo above, a number of shots are “montaged” into the image as follows: Clockwise from the top left, Three Crows flying among the tree branches, Two Mallards swimming toward us on the pond, a close-up Mallard drake with his green head,Two Canada geese swimming on the pond, One crow flying between the branches with outstretched wings, Multiple geese and ducks on the island, and A goose making a big splash in the water.… Read the rest “A Walk Around the Pond: February Birding by Ear”


  • Checking in on Art Class: Peter Slatin Pays a Visit

    Peter exploring the paper's textures with his fingers

    We were delighted to have a visit from 2016 alum Peter Slatin, who is also now on our Board of Directors. Peter was in Colorado for Ski for Light and spent a few days in Denver afterward. He dropped in on art class and took up the Sensational Blackboard to do some experimenting with paper textures. That was Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday he returned to the Center to conduct Philosophy Class.


  • Quinoa and Kale? CCB and BLVS Partner Under Shades to Make it Tasty!

    We were pleased to have three professionals from Blind Low Vision Services, part of Colorado’s Dept. of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) at the Center for training this week. We spent four days together exploring every topic we could think of, including cane travel and cooking under sleepshades. We’ll let them introduce themselves and the meal they cooked on Tuesday for themselves and our staff involved with the training. For the record, it was top shelf, and so are they!


  • Nonvisual Feedback Loop: Testing Dominion’s Accessible Voting System

    We were pleased to host usability testing of Dominion’s electronic voting system on February 13 and 14. Students, staff, seniors and alums took the system for a spin and provided feedback to Dominion’s engineers. We’re especially excited to partner on this project because Dominion will provide electronic voting systems to every county in Colorado for the next 7 or so years. What we share with them will be reflected in our nonvisual accessible voting for a good long while, and we applaud their effort to get our feedback!


  • Cookies, Candies, Balloons and Bouquets: Valentines Day at CCB

    A smiling young woman holds a Happy Valentines Day Heart Shaped Balloon and Flower Arrangement

    The day didn’t go uncelebrated. The Seniors had a Valentine’s party (there are rumors of romance there). Even ITP got into the act with Valentine’s cookies to mark “National Singles Day”?


  • A Long Way from Where She Started to Confidence: CG’s Mini-meal

    CG admits she’d done very little cooking before starting her training at the Center. Now she enjoys it, enjoys sharing with friends. Watch how calm she is as she prepares her mini-meal for 15 guests.


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