Month: January 2018

  • Blowing off Steam After Competing in the Braille Challenge CSDBBulldogs

    A student in sleepshades prepares to make a throw iwht the goal ball

    A student in sleepshades prepares to make a throw iwht the goal ball

    After spending much of the day in their chairs, giving their best in various Braille skills as part of the 2018 Braille Challenge, participants in the Metro area competition found goal ball the perfect way to unwind.

    It’s the third year we’ve hosted the event for Metro-area kids, which is organized in Colorado by the colorado school for the deaf and the blind. Students scores on reading, writing and more are collected regionally and given rankings, then compared to scores across the country. Eventually, the Braille Institute in Los Angeles will bring the most competitive students there for a final competition.… Read the rest “Blowing off Steam After Competing in the Braille Challenge CSDBBulldogs”


  • Dreaming of warmer weather? Announcing dates for our 2018 Summer Youth Programs!

    Four rafts head toward white water

    Summer 2018

    When it snows in Georgia, when it’s warmer in Atlanta, Idaho than it is in Atlanta, Georgia in January (I checked it, 32 versus 30 degrees) … Well, it’s time to talk about Summer 2018 and our residential youth programs! Below you will find the dates of our three residential programs, links to more detailed descriptions of each, the application form in PDF or MS Word, and contact info for our Summer Youth Coordinator, Martin Becerra-Miranda, so “think Warm!”

    Announcing 2018 Summer Youth Program Dates

    Summer for Success College Prep Program

    Ages: completed junior year in high school with focus on college
    Program dates: June 8 – August 3
    8-week residential program

    Earn and Learn High School Program

    Ages: 14 years or older and completed freshman year of high school
    Program dates: June8 – August 3
    8-week residential program

    Initiation to Independence Middle School Program

    Ages: 11-14
    Program dates: June 11 – June 29
    3-week residential program

    Download an Application or Get More Info

    For more information please contact:
    Martin Becerra-Miranda, Summer Youth Coordinator


  • What You Carry in Your Soul & a Trip to the Wood Shop: A Visit from Alum Cathy @Kudlick

    Cathy, Julie and Anahit smiling across the table at a local restaurant

    It has been nearly 18 years since Catherine Kudlick first arrived in Littleton as a student at CCB, but the lessons of her training have endured, as she told staff and students in Philosophy Class last Thursday.

    Cathy’s blindness is due to Nystagmus and she had never used a cane before she came for training. Still, she counted her travel training as one of the most important classes for her. She told students in frank terms about her internal struggles in that class under sleepshades.

    “You ask yourself why you have to do this travel assignment. You hate it while you’re doing the travel, maybe getting turned around.… Read the rest “What You Carry in Your Soul & a Trip to the Wood Shop: A Visit from Alum Cathy @Kudlick”


  • No Snow Day in 1988: Marking CCB’s 30th Anniversary!

    Duncan, Tom and Diane hug in front of the CCB sign on a bright spring day.

    It’s a big day today. Sure, there’s World Braille Day and Louis Braille’s 209th birthday, and our Independence Training Program students are back from the holiday break and our first Seniors meeting is this afternoon. We’re excited about all that, but here at CCB we’re very excited about something else, too. Today marks 30 years that the doors of CCB first opened. Five students accompanied by cane travel instructor Duncan Larsen and Residential Manager and Braille instructor Tom Anderson made their way from the apartments the Center rented for them to 2232 S. Broadway.

    They came in a blizzard. Really, it’s hard to think about because it’s 50 degrees in Colorado today, but there was a blizzard 30 years ago.… Read the rest “No Snow Day in 1988: Marking CCB’s 30th Anniversary!”


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