Kicking Off “40 Hands in Forty Days”

We’re extremely excited to be one of 40 Colorado nonprofits to be part of the 2020 40 Hands in Forty Days effort this spring!

From March 2 through April 10 (40 days), 40 nonprofits will take part in a unique fundraising effort. We may throw any number of fun ideas out to get people to donate to our exceptional blindness training programs. You can not only donate, but pass our posts on to friends and families that you want to know about us.

For example, if we receive $500 in donations by midnight tonight, we’ll get an incentive of another $250! So you can turn your $10 investment into $15 by midnight!

Beats Wall Street, right?

Help us out, and check out our 40 Hands page, where you will find a conveniently-placed “Donate” button!

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