Ahimsa’s Celebration

student showing lettering "Life the life you want!"
Ahimsa’s shop project reads “Live the life you want!”

It was definitely a day to celebrate when Ahimsa graduated on November 12, 2015, and she was more than ready! She came away from her training with a positive sense of herself as a blind person and the satisfaction of knowing that she pushed herself through many barriers to reach this day. Her extraordinary laugh throughout gave testimony to that!

Already an accomplished baker, she was always comfortable in the kitchen. As she prepared her graduation meal for 60, she hummed and sang along with her favorite show tunes, knowing that she was now also an accomplished traveler as a blind person, able to read Braille and effectively use assistive technology.

All these things will serve her well as she returns to New Mexico and goes on to her next training in college!

Woman rings her bell with a grin
Ahimsa was ready to celebrate her accomplishments on her graduation day!
Woman sits at a table working with laptop, iPhone and Stream.
Ahimsa mastered several tools for technology and travel classes. Here she puts her iPhone, laptop and Victor Stream together as she prepares for her Monster Route.

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