The Gentleman from Missouri

A man rings his bell with a wide grin while a woman applauds
Curtis never lost his determination to earn the Freedom Bell and now it’s his!

Curtis was the perfect gentleman as always during the love session at his graduation. He simply said “Thank you” with a grin, and continued to soak up all the praise and affection heaped on him by his fellow students and instructors.

The praise is easy to understand. He cooked a great meal – feeding the masses is one of his special skills. More than that, he is always ready to pitch in and help his fellow students or with any activity around the Center.

Curtis started the program in 2013, but had to leave because of a family emergency back in Missouri. His determination to complete his training and to earn his Freedom Bell remained firm, and he made it back last spring. Now that bell, representing confidence and self-reliance, is his!

Man skillfully slices a large roast.
Feeding the masses is one of Curtis’s special skills, and he surpassed himself with his grad meal for 60.

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