Jerad Goes Paleo, Goes to College

A tall young man receives his bell
Jerad prepared a paleo meal for 60 before receiving his Freedom Bell from Kimberley.

It was “paleo man’s” turn on December 3. That refers to his diet and his grad meal, for the record.

“was that a great meal?” exclaimed Kimberley, who presented Jerad with his Freedom Bell.

“I want to thank you for kicking my behind every day of my program,” Jerad told his instructors.

For their part, his teachers neither confirmed nor denied how necessary that was, praising him instead for his skills and accomplishments.

It was all true. Though he came from Tennessee just out of high school, jerad could always be counted on to lend an assist to any of his fellow students who needed it. And he worked hard to achieve his confidence and self-reliance, always remaining thoughtful and understanding.

Next for “paleo man”? College man!
A tall young man rings his Freedom Bell

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