A big thank-you to the Daniels Fund

Three professionally-dressed women stand and smile beside a high table
CCB received a generous grant from the Daniels Fund, and we were delighted to attend the reception on January 10. Left to right are Anne Rigley, Director of Older Blind Programs, Jennifer Stevens, Grant Writer, and Julie Deden Executive Director.

The best is good enough for me.
— Bill Daniels.

Off we went on the evening of January 10 to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the annual grants reception put on by the Daniels Fund. The Colorado Center for the Blind received a generous grant from the Colorado philanthropy – our fourth such grant in the past six years. The grant supports our Older Blind Programs which, like all of our programs, are all about independence and living the lives we want as blind people. Aging and disability are among the list of priorities that Bill Daniels identified when he created the fund.

“The best is good enough for me,” was a favorite adage of the Daniels Fund namesake Bill Daniels. We learned that at the reception, which added to the sense of being honored to be among the grantees doing such excellent work in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

A big thank-you to the Daniels Fund for this year’s grant, and to the other nonprofits doing the important work they do.