Staff Directory – David Nietfeld

Job Title
Home Maintenance & Woodshop Instructor

David Nietfeld grew up ,in a rural town in southeast Arizona. Before coming to the Center, David led nature hikes on which he taught others about native desert plants, and is something of an expert on edible wild plants.

“I used to teach people how to walk around in the deserts,” mused David. “And then I taught them how to walk around the cities of Colorado.”

David first came to the Center in 2008 as a student and after graduation he was hired to teach Cane Travel. He holds the National Orientation & Mobility Certification (NOMC) and still asists in teaching travel students when needed. late 2017 David moved to the shop and began teaching Home Maintenance and Woodshop – “Everything from tightening up screws on hinges to running a power saw,” he says.