Staff Directory – Eliza Portugal

Job Title
Braille Instructor
Eliza grew up in southern California in a large Filipino family. She lost her vision when she was five years old as a result of an optic nerve atrophy. Eliza finished college in 2003, but decided to attend the Colorado Center for the Blind because she knew that she needed more than  an education to be successful – she wanted to feel more self-reliant and be a  positive role model to others with a disability.
As a CCB student, she was inspired to give back. She work several summer youth programs teaching Braille for the center as well as working as a camp counselor for the Wayfinder Family Services in California. And then, in 2019 Eliza came back to the Center as a full-time Braille instructor.  She loves every minute of her work with blind students as they grow in blindness skills and belief in themselves.
“I never get tired of watching students gain their confidence and get ready to move on with their lives,” she says.
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