Staff Directory – Robert Dyson

Job Title
Senior Services

Robert Dyson is a native of Colorado and has lived here most of his life. After losing his vision due to diabetes, he attended the Center in 1994 where he found that he could read again using Braille and technology and could travel anywhere with his long white cane. After graduation, Robert did an internship at the Department of Labor and was hired by Diners Club in 1996 and worked there for three years. He was hired at the Center in 2002 and has been here ever since. He loves the Center and feels it is wonderful to work in a place where you can see all the good that happens to people and their lives with a little skill training and also the re-building of their self-confidence in the process. He is grateful for how the Colorado Center changed his life completely and gave him the chance to make a life with respect and dignity.

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