Staff Directory – Jennifer “Jen” Spears

Job Title
Volunteer Coordinator and Receptionist

Jennifer “Jen” Spears has served in a number of roles at the Colorado Center for the Blind. She was diagnosed with glaucoma at birth. Despite obtaining skills like Braille and basic  cane technique, she expanded on the foundation she was given by attending the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2008. Less than two years after graduating from the Independence Training Program, she returned to Colorado to work as a summer counselor at the Center. This was the beginning of a long span of work. From teaching Braille to running the front desk, Jen has enjoyed making a difference within the blind community by teaching and living. Without going through training, none of that would have been possible. In the midst of work, marriage and raising her son, Jen obtained her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English in June of 2022 from Southern New Hampshire University. This is yet another completed quest where the skills and confidence Jen gained in being a student at the Center was more than necessary.          

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