Colorado Center for the Blind 2022 Summer Youth Programs

A raft of summer youth lets out a yell as they dive into a churning hole of white water on Clear Creek.

Build skills and gain confidence!

Program Description 

This 3-week residential  program will provide each student with the tools that they need to move forward in high school, college or on a job.

You will:

  • Live in an apartment with a counselor and a roommate.
  • Learn from competent blind adults who use blindness skills daily.
  • Plan, shop and prepare delicious meals.
  • Organize your apartment – find everything!
  • Develop effective methods for handling all aspects of living independently.
  • Meet peers who are also blind.
  • Attend classes Monday through Friday in Technology, Braille, Independent Travel and Home Management.
  • Build interviewing skills, learn about careers, find job leads, write a resume and more.
  • Meet blind people who work in a wide variety of positions.
  • Develop techniques and skills to use in order to be successful in college.
  • Have fun rock climbing, learning martial arts, white water rafting, playing goalball, games, and more.
  • Learn about chemistry, astronomy, physics, and other interesting subjects.
  • Develop the effective self-advocacy skills you will need to receive the services and accommodations that allow you to pursue your dreams.

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Session 1: June 10 through July 1
Session 2: July 15 through August 5

Admission Requirements 

  • Must be legally blind
  • Interested in learning non-visual techniques
  • Age 14 to 21
  • Possess stamina to handle a full day of class and activities
  • Independent with self -care skills

Admission Process 

First, complete the online application by May 2, 2022: 

Typically, vocational rehabilitation agencies are able to fund our program and we can assist you with the approval process. Discuss your interest in our program with your rehabilitation counselor if you have one. The staff at the Colorado Center for the Blind will interview each applicant.

If you have questions, please contact Anahit LaBarre, Director of Youth Services, at or 303-778-1130, ext.