NFB Code of Conduct in Audio

Before you can even begin filling out your name on the 2021 National Federation of the Blind convention registration form, you must check a box with the following text:

By checking this box, I fully acknowledge and verify that I read and understand the Code of Conduct of the National Federation of the Blind; and will abide by its guidelines.

Obviously this isn’t just another “Terms of Use” agreement on a phone app or your laptop, nor is it one of those privacy statements from the tech megaliths that none of us have ever read. Our commitment to the implementation of the Code of Conduct is essential to ensuring the Federation and all of its activities are safe and welcoming to all of our members and to all those interested in becoming members. So, unlike those user agreements and privacy statements, we really don’t want to just check the box that we agree having never read the Code of Conduct. We want to actually read and understand the code because we take it seriously.

So, in the spirit of offering a number of ways to get access to this information, we offer this reading by Duncan Larsen and Chris Parsons during one of CCB’s weekly Senior meetings. CCB’s three weekly and several monthly meetings have, of course, been on Zoom for the past year.

Enjoy listening!