NFB President Mark Riccobono’s Perspective on Raising Expectations & Community Standards

… this is good change, necessary change, and change for the sake of building our future together.
— NFB President Mark Riccobono

In the February, 2022 issue of the Braille Monitor, the flagship publication of the National Federation of the Blind, NFB President Mark Riccobono published his perspectives on the challenges and progress in developing, refining, and maintaining community standards for conduct in the organization. He not only details the work and developments of the past 15 months, but takes us back even further, to the beginning of his tenure as President, and the the earliest work on a Code of Conduct for the NFB. We invite all to take the time to read and process all of the this article. It addresses many issues that also reflect on the efforts we have made at the Colorado Center for the Blind.

Raising Expectations Every Day: The Challenge of the Federation’s Community Standards
by Mark Riccobono

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