Shared Visions 2023: It’s open till Dec. 5 @ArapahoeCC

a young black woman holding a white cane reads the Braille title on the wall beside a tactile piece
Bella reads the accessible Braille sign at the 2023 Shared Visions exhibit.

We know that blind people can do anything, and that includes creating and enjoying art. It just needs to be tactilely accessible to us. Since 2014, we’ve partnered with Arapahoe Community Colloege’s Dept. of Art and Design in an art show that does just that. It’s the entire Colorado Gallery of the Arts filled with art pieces that not only permit, but require that you put your hands on them! All are made by ACC students or CCB students and staff.

a young man holding a white cane swashes blue paint on an interactive art piece
Fitz reaches out to touch one of the stars at Shared Visions 2023.

Yes, it’s ACC’s Shared Visions Tactile Art Show at ACC’s Colorado Gallery of the Arts. Tactile art is one of our enrichment classes at the Center, because living the lives we want goes beyond our core classes of Braille, Cane Travel, Home Management, and Accessible Technology, or even our challenge classes like rock climbing and skiing. Tactile access to art is something few blind people have ever experienced, and our decades-old art program and ACC’s Art and Design faculty and students are making that change happen!

a young man holding a white cane swashes blue paint on an interactive art piece
Kevin adds blue paint to one of the four collage pieces CCB students created for the 2023 Shared Visions exhibit. At the opening of the reception Nov. 9, everyone was invited to add paint to the collages on the wall.

The photos here come from the November 9 opening reception. Independence Training Program (ITP) students and staff attended, along with ACC students and faculty and members of the public. Some others are from a trip our Seniors Program made to the gallery on November 14.

an Asian woman holding a white cane examines colorful ceramics.
Eliza examines colorful ceramics at Shared Visions 2023.

Yes, blindness skills are important, just as challenging ourselves is important. But it is also important to challenge the spirit through access to the arts.

Two senior women holding white canes reach out to interact with colorful ceramic wind chimes dangling from a guitar neck
Sharee Visions art pieces invite touch and interaction, as with this colorful set of ceramic wind chimes. Sandy and Saray explore both touch and sound as they activate the chimes.
A man holds the hand grips of his wife’s wheelchair as she reaches up to touch a ceramic piece
Judy is reaching up to touch a ceramic Angel ornament with white feathers at the bottom as Dennis looks on.
Freddie dressed colorfully for the trip to the art exhibit. Here she touches a piece titled “Frederick.”
Three blind people with white canes pose before a dramatic piece made by a blind ACC student Shon, Sandy and Saray pose in front of a piece with ceramic and photographs that recreates an automobile accident that caused the artist’s blindness.

Shared Visions is open till Dec. 5