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Before Departing, One Last Meal & Secret Santas Revealed #ShareLittleton

Justin opens a gift as Vicki and Nick watch and Holly and Steve stand next to the Christmas Tree ready to pass out two more presents

Here we are with a white Christmas in Colorado when it was looking pretty dusty and dry. Naturally, the Center closed for the holidays, but we finished up in the spirit last Tuesday. Our traditions involve a breakfast together, provided by the GraceFull Cafe in downtown Littleton consisting of very large and very delicious breakfast burritos. (Yes, that’s a recommendation for the burritos and the GraceFull Cafe!)

Following that is the culmination of the Secret Santa gift exchange. The tension, the curiosity and the excitement had been building for weeks of course, and the final gifts and three guesses from each recipient as to the identity of their Santas brought a lot of laughter and surprises. Our own Stevie P and student Holly presided as distributing Santas for the activity.

And then everyone chipped in to clean up the kitchen and meeting room, take down all the holiday decorations and the tree before students and staff disperse for the corners of Colorado and, indeed, the United States.

And so now it’s Christmas, and a happy one to all of our students and staff and friends and neighbors here in Littleton!

Steve with a gift bag next to the Christmas Tree
Holly wears a colorful elf hat with bells and smiles while standing next to the Christmas Tree


Daniel and Steve in their Santa Hats
Ravi smiles and holds up a T Shirt that says kpop made me do it


Maureen wearing her Santa hat opens her gift while David looks on
Julie reaches down under the Christmas Tree to retrieve a gift


Large group in the meeting room participating in Secret Santa gift exchange
Chris H. opens his gift


A line of people snakes its way through the large kitchen as people fill their plates with goodies

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