A Harvest Celebration with our Master Gardeners

MasterGardeners attend a Get-Together at CCB

Thanksgiving is of course very much a harvest celebration. So it is appropriate that we invited our Master Gardeners to the center for a little thank-you celebration Tuesday morning. After all, our collaboration with them in our Legacy Garden each summer results in a wonderful harvest of tomatoes, peppers, herbs and squashes, to name a few, but also in a harvest of opportunity and confidence for our students.

While many of the students who worked in the garden as recently as September have graduated, there were many individual thank-yous and some great comments for the gardeners.

Faye said that she plans to resume gardening when she graduates and returns home to Georgia. Annette talked about how she loved getting down to business with the spade. She also mentioned that she often took advantage of the peaceful space in the garden at lunch time over the summer, going out to relax and quietly munch on snap peas.

“That solvbed a mystery,” a Master Gardener later confided. “We were worried about the peas. We couldn’t understand why they weren’t producing.”

Students baked up several kinds of sweet breads for their guests, ranging from blueberry bread to white chocolate bread.

Read more about the Arapahoe County Master Gardeners. We’ve been working with them since about 2001, though a few faces change each year.

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