A Note for Giving Tuesday on Our Students Giving Back

Five blind people unpack, carry and shelve food items along with a food bank staffer.
Giving back is meaningful. Here, Rose and Aaron unpack a newly-delivered box at the food bank. D carries a box, while IFCS staffer Tara brings over a cart stacked with cartons. Eliza and Greg shelve items from the cart for later distribution. Our students and staff volunteer once a month at nearby IFCS, and every month a different group makes the trip.

Yes, every December we ask for your support for our programs that teach innovative and challenging blindness skills, imbue our students with a belief in themselves as blind people, and build the confidence to pursue their dreams. We believe in blind people, but we also believe in blind people giving back.

This year, our staff and students have volunteered every month at a nearby food bank – Integrated Family Community Services. (IFCS) – doing a variety of tasks, including unloading trucks, unpacking, and shelving food items.

And to help out with IFCS’s food drive this month, we delivered more than 20 bags of food items on the IFCS list – all of it collected or donated by our students and staff.

Why tell you this when we are coming to you for support in this season of giving? Because our programs aren’t just about our students getting jobs, though they are about our students getting jobs. They aren’t just about our students’ newly-gained confidence that they can live independently, though of course our programs are about our students being able to live independently. We tell you this because our programs are also about our students and their need for a sense of purpose and value in their communities. We know that blind people want to give back, and are too often steered away from doing so. Not surprisingly, this is a very popular voluntary activity. And it’s not just about getting out of an afternoon of classes, though it could be that too!(grin)

“It is such a great opportunity for our students,” says Braille Instructor Eliza Portugal. “Our students want to help others, but often don’t know how they can do that. This experience gives them the opportunity to learn that they can. And it’s fun!”

We believe blind people can do anything, including giving back! Every day, we encourage and challenge each student—and they come to understand their potential as they build the skills and confidence to live the life they want. Because when you believe in yourself and experience a thriving community of positive blind people, nothing can hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

Please consider giving to the Colorado Center for the Blind. While today if Giving Tuesday around the globe, Colorado Gives Day is Dec. 5. That means our CO Gives page is active and you can give today or any time through next Tuesday! Donations between now and 11:59 PM MST on Dec. 5 qualify us for a percentage of the generous First Bank $1 Million Incentive Fund.

It’s easy to give, and giving back is so meaningful!

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