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  • Thank You for Your Support in 2023!

    Julie stands and smiles while holding her white cane near the CCB logo in the Center Lobby

    (Editor’s Note:  Executive Director Julie Deden sent The letter below to the 117 donors to the Colorado Center for the Blind on Colorado Gives Day. That number doesn’t count the twenty or so students, staff, and especially seniors who contributed cash totaling $284. Nor would it include all of our supporters who give in ways…


  • A Long Way in a Short Time – Support Us on Colorado Gives Day!

    Fitz stands and smiles with his White Cane near the CCB Logo

    When Fitz came to the center as a student, he really didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, simply because he had no idea what he could do. As an Independence Training Program (ITP) student, Fitz has been finding his own identity as a blind person. With what he thought of as…


  • A Note for Giving Tuesday on Our Students Giving Back

    Five blind people unpack, carry and shelve food items along with a food bank staffer.

    Giving back is meaningful. Here, Rose and Aaron unpack a newly-delivered box at the food bank. D carries a box, while IFCS staffer Tara brings over a cart stacked with cartons. Eliza and Greg shelve items from the cart for later distribution. Our students and staff volunteer once a month at nearby IFCS, and every…


  • This Is Positive Blindness Training at Work!

    Rhonda uses an oscilating power sander in style, wearing a shop apron and long gold earrings!

    As we come to you for support for Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6, we want to share with you some of our excitement and pride in the growth and accomplishments of our students this past year. Blindness finds us in different ways and at different times of our lives. But what all of our…


  • We’re thankful for each other.

    Maureen, David, and Logan Looking at Artwork at at Shared Visions ACC-CCB Tactile Art Show 11-2022

    And we are thankful for your support on Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, Dec. 6! The Colorado Center for the Blind is a training center and community of blind and low vision people proudly affiliated with the National Federation of the Blind. We believe blind people can do anything. Every day, we encourage and challenge each student—and…


  • Blindness Skills & Confidence More Necessary Than Ever #ColoradoGives

    A woman wearing sleepshades and backpack walks uphill on a narrow sidewalk with her white cane

    The skills of independence for our blind students, and indeed for our staff, are more critical in these difficult times than ever before. Even though the world has changed we all at the Colorado Center are still able to work with our students so that they will gain belief in themselves and be able to…


  • From the Director: Determination, Challenge, Creativity and Resolve #ColoradoGives

    Colorado Gives Day Logo 12.8.20

    Dear CCB Friends and Family – All of us at the Colorado Center for the Blind hope that each of you had a nice Thanksgiving. The year of 2020 has brought a great deal of determination, challenge, creativity and resolve to us at CCB. The determination came from the staff who are dedicated and committed…


  • Happy Holidays! Thanks to All of You, Lives Change at the Colorado Center for the Blind

    Three young students stand in front of a medical vehicle, all wearing Santa hats

    Caption: Cristian, Shyanne and Kelly stand in front of the medical vehicle at South Suburban Fire and Rescue Station #12 on December 16. They had just delivered a box of holiday cookies and treats baked by students to on-duty fire fighters. In turn, fire fighters showed students one of the trucks and the medical vehicle.…


  • “Incredible Days” Lead to Living the Lives We Want! #COGivesDay

    A young woman holding a white cane faces us as she talks to a vendor.

    Maura visits the vendor area at the 2019 NFB of Colorado Convention. Maura finished high school last spring and plans to go on to college next year. Before she did that, however, she was determined to obtain the skills she needed to be independent as a blind person so that nothing could hold her back…


  • A salute to Our Graduates #COGivesDay

    Paul headed out from the Center with his cane

    Executive Director Julie Deden wrote this salute to the final five students graduating from the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2019. Colorado Gives Day is this Tuesday, December 10, and as we do each year at this time, we are asking for your financial support for our programs at the Colorado Center for the…


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