Blindness Skills & Confidence More Necessary Than Ever #ColoradoGives

A woman wearing sleepshades and backpack walks uphill on a narrow sidewalk with her white cane
Amanda heads to the center, maneuvering past the “Ankle biter,” a storm drain in the crook of the sidewalk that drops about a foot. Rather than fostering an atmosphere of trepidation that would steer wide of any perceived hazard, students learn to be aware of their total environment. Indeed, everyone walks past this “hazard” every day.

The skills of independence for our blind students, and indeed for our staff, are more critical in these difficult times than ever before. Even though the world has changed we all at the Colorado Center are still able to work with our students so that they will gain belief in themselves and be able to move forward with confidence and self-reliance!

Support us on Colorado Gives Day this Tuesday, December 8. And you can schedule a donation tonight if you like so that it will be counted on Tuesday.

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