An Adventure Under the Pool

David sits on a ledge inside the pool as a group of CCB students gather in the deep end
Some students see how far they can climb toward the shallow end


No, you won’t be singing any Disney song when you go under the pool.

It’s dirty and dark and forgotten … Except by Travel Instructor David Nietfeld, who today took the Philosophy class on an historical tour of the Center, which was formerly a YMCA. Since part of the student body was off at a boxing gym and another in our gym doing Martial Arts, David had a smaller contingent to take on his tour. He explained where there were once windows overlooking the raquetball courts, whose office once were locker room showers and whose had toilets at one time.

Finally, he took the class around the back stairs and into a locked corridor, then another filled with low-hainging pipes and a ramp and steps and even spider webs to the side of the former indoor pool. It’s covered over now and above is storage, while inside the pool is … well, more storage. To get in, a door was cut into the side of the pool and there’s even a light switch, but it’s not pretty under the pool anymore.

But it is an adventure!

David has the students use their canes to explore the sloped floor and ceiling as they head toward the shallow end
A view of a group of students exploring a tight passage way with lots of pipes and supplies stored along the way

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