FAST on Pre-ETS: No, it’s not a “syndrome,” it’s Pre-Employment Transition Services! Join us Friday!

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Blind students of all ages and their families
CCB’s bi-weekly FAST Zoom call
Friday, June 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm MDT
We will hold this meeting on the Zoom Meeting platform

Join the Colorado Center for the Blind this upcoming Friday, June 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm MDT for our bi-weekly FAST (Fun Activities and Skills Training) Zoom meeting. Our last meeting was a Game Night; we played a few rounds of “Trivia” and a couple of other rounds of “Heads Up”. Unsurprisingly, everyone who participated did a great job! We weren’t keeping score but the competitive juices were flowing for sure.

This week, we will kick off our meeting with a bit of trivia relating to our topic, which is Pre-Employment Transition Services. Those of you who are currently working with rehabilitation services will likely know what “Pre-ETS” means. For those of you who are not completely sure, you will have to join us to find out what it means and how it applies to you.

Now that it’s June 1 and most schools are out, we also want to highlight the “Virtual Summer Sessions” that the Colorado Center for the Blind will be offering starting June 16, 2020. CCB will have 4 different workshops that will cover the following topics: Self-Advocacy; STEM; College Readiness; and Employment. The Self-Advocacy and STEM workshops will consist of two 90-minute sessions each. And the College Readiness and Employment workshops will consist of four 90-minute sessions each.

We will use the same call in/log in information for this call as we’ve used for previous FAST Zoom meetings. If you need the meeting information or have questions regarding our Virtual Summer Sessions, please contact Martin Becerra-Miranda at (303)778-1130 extension 223 or by email at

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