“You better hurry up and eat that before it melts!” 2017 CCB Ice Cream Social

A man in his eighties sits beside a 6-year-old girl, both enjoying ice cream
You better hurry up and eat that before it melts,” Senior Ron tells Confidence Camper Peiton at the Ice Cream Social this morning.

About 90 people collected in the meeting room on a 95-degree day to share a little summer society. It was cCB’s annual Ice Cream Social, ranging from Confidence Camp kids as young as 6 to Seniors who declined to reveal their ages, and all of the staff and students of our middle school, high school and college bound students and Independence training Program.

What they all had in common was blindness and the determination and desire to take charge with confidence, and today that meant taking charge of a drumstick or ice cream bar!

Mo and Jen standing in front of the mural enjoying ice cream
Dakota and Seamus enjoying ice cream


Diane witha group of seniors enjoying ice cream
Ceci and Lexi with smiles and ice cream on their lips

people lined up at the service window in the background and Montgomery, Aidan, Sawyer and Deya eating ice cream as they walk with their canes from the service window to find a seat

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